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    Hi @sephiroth,

    I basically started with my own website. Then I started learning XML, PHP, HTML, CSS, and dynamic CSS. But I also cover Flash Authoring, and creating customized products using dynmaically controlled AS.2 & AS.3 in Flash authoring. This led to further my skills in many areas Like creating PHP installers for creating the database, and pulling various data that I needed.

    But while doing this my work caught the eyes of 2 guys in the US, both creating highly professional modifications and standalone products. As time went by I took on advanced courses in MySQL and Linux (Kali Linux is okay, but with over 1,000 different command prompts, it’s much to learn!)

    Basically, I got into the IT industry mainly because of UNIX, Linux and Advanced MySQL handling using direct queries from the command prompt in Linux. That’s how I got asked to start working for a webhosting company – the CEO gave me a VPS, so I could still carry on in development work. By this time, I was creating modules and extensions for vBulletin & IP.Board.

    I was also covering security on mysql – vB5 is terrible for security! But then again there have been over 300 exploits found in IP.Board this year, it makes you wonder just how bad their coding really is!

    Have you got any hobbies that are IT related? Perhaps start blogging or even a forum – with me forums worked well. Join websites where you can advertise your website in the signature, The Admin Zone is pretty good, – do a few posts on there, if you still run websites.



    In answer to your last question no I don’t have any IT hobbies outside Cybrary, reading text books and learning software/tools, my other main hobby is fitness which I a very passionate about. I don’t run any websites and gave up doing that years ago as it was my failed attempt to break into digital media industry.

    I may well have to set-up another website just to practice my SQL database and Apache skills, I am gonna try learning some coding as I have no knowledge in this area, probably my last roll of the dice to get into IT.

    Thanks for your advice @8lack0racl3 you posted several long messages of advice now which I appreciate.




    Big thanks to everyone for sharing



    Never too late. @8lack0racl3, nice words of advice you have there. I think I’ll also start blogging very soon.



    I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the voices on this thread, been helpful both to myself and others. I have now decided to start building a website again. Least I will be prepared this time around.

    Have a good weekend guys!



    I am brand new to Cybrary. I appreciate all the positive feed back here, but when discussing this topic I’m not quite sure I fit in. Everyone is saying your never to old, but I just turned 60 this past weekend and I would like to get into some type of IT field. Now, be honest am I to old? I have been in the warehouse field for some 30 yrs and I would like to get away from all this heavy manual labor. I do not mind some, but I would like to cut back somewhat. Do I have any hope? Thank you!



    You can never be too old to pursue your passion. If IT, Cyber Security or Forensics makes the world go around for you, take the jump and you wont even think about your age, let alone being at work every day.



    I have known people to change careers in their late 50’s, particularly ex-military and people such as yourself from manual hands on careers. I met a guy in March this year who used to run his own building/DIY company but then at 57 decided to go into teaching at a local college.

    Passion and determination are the key factors I find speaking from experience.

    All the best!



    I would like to start off with getting certified with IT Security and A+. Is this a complicated process getting started? Like the person that posted prior to my Post I also manage a couple web sites for my wife that I put together. Many years ago I took a general PC repair course where I received a Diploma for. like I said this was a while back, at the time I was using Windows 98…. see many years. lol
    So this is where I am at and would appreciate any assistance. Thank you!

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    @skyward7 I would recommend doing the CompTIA certifications that you mentioned, CompTIA A+, N+ are vital. The security+ would be a good follow certification if you want to look at progressing. Speaking from personal experience managing websites is good experience, I got my hands dirty using Apache server, SQL database, PHPMyadmin WordPress and Joomla, plus I learnt all about digital marketing and getting hacked lol.

    I Hope you find Cybrary helpful!



    My post has finally died…..still I hope it helped others!




    My forum has died…..very sad. Thanks for all the comments and advice comrades!







    Apáti László

    As an engineer:
    For a youngster learning IT takes a “few years”.
    If your “expected lifetime” – “actual age” > “few years”, you are just in time… 🙂



    I have between 35-40 yrs experience with computers and electronics. The latest technology is IoT, one that will put you in front of much competition..


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Viewing 16 posts - 81 through 96 (of 96 total)

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