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    Manajit Pal

    okay so there is a term called stateful firewall. can anyone give an explain this using an example? another question i have is are thes load balancers and switches etc softwares or hardwares? and bdw i loved this site and the tutorial. looking forward to complete the full course and become a certified ethical hacker!

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    Dear H@cK3R007,

    1) Please read this article which defines what a stateful and stateless firewall means: http://www.inetdaemon.com/tutorials/information_security/devices/firewalls/stateful_vs_stateless_firewalls.shtml
    An example: consider gufw(the GUI implementation of ufw – a simple, no-headache firewall for Linux). When you add a rule, you only need to specify the rule’s policy(allow or deny), direction(in or out), protocol(TCP or UDP) and the port. This firewall doesen’t care about the state of the packets(i.e.: if there’s already an established connection or not, if it contains some bad characters, if it has bad flags, ect.). It only cares about IP addresses, ports and protocols. This is a stateless firewall.
    On the other side, consider iptables, which is a more versatile firewall. You can check the packet’s state, flags, content. This is a stateful firewall.
    2) Both load balancers and switches are, at their core, software. There must be a logic in which you handle packets, right? So there are algorithms, thus software. This software can be closed-source(non-free), or open-source(free). The closed-source appliances of load balancers and switches can be purchased as standalone software, or you can buy customized hardware carrying this software. On the other hand, consider pfsense, which is a powerful open-source firewall/router Linux disto. You can download it, install it on your server and there you go: you have a dedicated hardware firewall.

    I hope you now understand.
    Best wishes!

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    Manajit Pal

    okay got it! thnx!!



    Thanks for that fantastic explanation, @secu!

    Marking this topic as solved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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