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    Hey Guys,

    I’ve decided to make my own performance fix for Windows! This fix works for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

    Download it at: http://www.filedropper.com/juliarwin7810

    (Make sure you don’t click on any ads or download something different)
    Once downloaded, extract “juliar_win7_8_10.reg” and double click it. It will ask a prompt about it being downloaded from internet click “Run”. It will then ask you if you want to add the file to the registry. Click “yes”. Finally, it should say that the file content was successfully added to the registry. Restart your computer, and then you will notice dramatic performance increase.

    I suggest to use this fix monthly, as some “Windows Updates” overwrite the performance fix.

    I was going to show what each command does. However, Cybrary.it is blocking my code post. Anyways here is what it does in order:

    1) Adds “Copy To” and “Move To” options in files and folders context menu.
    2) Autoendtasks – Ends tasks automatically when you are doing a shutdown (instead of having to press endtask manually), useful for hanging applications.
    3) Whenever you press endtask, windows now only waits 1 second before force ending task. (useful because you will not have hung apps)
    4) Menu show delay is set to 8, which reduces delay before start menu shows up (makes windows menu appear faster)
    5) Waits 2 seconds before killing the app whenever the user logs off.
    6) 1 Second to wait before killing non-responsive service.
    7) Mouse hover time is set to 8, which reduces delay to show popup description faster.
    8) Disables low disk space check and the popup of it in system tray.
    9) If shortcut is not linked, prevents windows from searching for the shorcut.
    10) Removal of other shortcut features.
    11) Disables Search on Internet Prompt.
    12) Wait to kill service is now set to 2 seconds.
    13) Disables Remote Computer Connection
    14) Adds Take Ownership command to everything…including exe, dll, and directory. This is useful if you want to modify a system file which would in default give you no access. With this fix, you will be able to access and modify any file on your computer.
    15) Disables Thumbnail previews.

    If you have any suggestions or improvements please let me know.

    • This topic was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by  Rattar.
    • This topic was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by  Rattar. Reason: Update on what this fix does!


    Hi Rattar,

    Before I download the file, please would it be possible to elaborate on the exact changes to the registry?
    What is added/changed and what effect does it have?




    The way you presented it makes it seem a little Sketchy.

    I read through it and it seems legit. Part of this is actually from the universal theme patcher.



    I would not install something unless I know it comes from a trusted source or know what changes it makes. Stay away!!!!



    what is this first you have to tell me how it works and then i am going to download it and include it into my registry..
    where do you get this ..did u make it yourself or downloaded from somewhere else..it is not looking reliable for me
    sorry dude can’t use it… but you tell me about this i will surely download it because who does not want to enhance their pc..



    It’s made by me. I did take certain parts of it from various resources. If you are not convinced…Open a file with any text editor and see the content 🙂 It’s not compiled 🙂

    What it does:
    (Read the UPDATED post)



    @jjdoyle@comcast.net where do you want me to upload to make it a trusted source. I just used free file hosting service to upload the file as I currently don’t have anywhere else to upload it!



    Nice job jjdoyle@comcast.net with the hysteria.

    This is a simple .reg file which edits Registry settings in Windows. You can easily open this up in notepad and see exactly what changes it makes. Even if you don’t understand it a liitle bit of Google goes a long way. Being ignorant is no excuse to try and scare away other people just because you don’t understand something.



    Lol Nope.



    No offense Rattar, with all the viruses out there people, especially those here get a little cautious about down loading new things.



    well feel free to read the content of it 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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