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    Great intro social engineering class (your time is much appreciated).

    Any plans (#cybrary) for making additional classes in social engineering? It would be great to have a verbal social engineering class, as that is a threat many overlook. To learn this topic, it needs to be taught, as a lot of it goes against basic human interaction/reaction. This potential class would also be good for physical building security.




    Although I agree that Social Engineering class would be good for physical security, I can tell you that there are very few places that implement it, or even care about it…
    Very few companies give a damn about the security personnel training (most companies are hired based on the price, not the quality), and lots of security personnel don’t give a damn themselves. Most companies avoid spending more on security, and it’s why most buildings security is a joke.
    So places (rare) implement professional training, like the example of airport security taking classes with the trainers and software design by Dr. Paul Ekman (for security and law enforcement only), to help detect malicious behaviors. This type of training is very expensive, time consuming, and most people that learn end up thinking: “this is good, but will be rarely used”.
    Most social engineering training is a thing most security personnel doesn’t believe. Most of them think “I’m too smart to fall for this or that…”, and since they don’t believe that could happen, they just ignore it. This is the sad reality.
    (I know this because I work in private security for 7 years now, and I saw lots of that)

    If you like this area, specially becoming “anti-social engineering”, I recommend you take a look at the work of Dr. Paul Ekman, that analyzes facial expressions (especially micro facial expressions) to detect potential malicious behaviors.



    Dr Ekman’s work is very interesting indeed, and he is reportedly credited for inspiring the TV Show ‘Lie to Me’.

    For any that haven’t seen this (cancelled) show, it’s worth catching some episodes 🙂



    The series is good, and if you can manage, I really recommend you try both programs they use: METT and SETT (sometimes can be found online). Both are great in teaching and training.



    @terumo – Ekman’s research is around NLP (nuero lingustic programming), correct? Too tired to google roght now 😉



    Yes and no… Dr. Paul Ekman work is based on human facial expressions, especially micro expressions (that occur in a fraction of a second), and that is only a part of NLP. NLP studies the whole body and its reactions.



    @terumo – thanks I’ll check into both METT and SETT. As former law enforcement, Social Engineering in all its forms has long fascinated me 🙂



    ^most of time its the first step of the attacker. If you move slow enough and stealthy enough, the enumeration goes unnoticed. If you don’t believe me, ask a cat. Its great to watch the pros because it really opens your eyes to exploits the untrained eye would/could never see coming. My favorite is Apollo Robbins



    It is a great course, just finished it today in my off time…..looking forward to part 2…..



    will checkit out soon



    Definetly a great course, and would love a reload!



    Ya, cybrary is really doing a great job with their content



    I agree, it was a great course. The only thing I would change is to see some real world examples or anecdotes but I realize that can be rather hard and have its own set of issues.




    …found another related vid:

    Advanced Exploitation (part 4) Social Engineering






    i tried some of the tactics on our own company’s helpdesk, and they worked. brilliant ! People do give out their credentials too when you take an authoritative role on. couldnt believe.


    Zachery Smith

    I really enjoyed this course @polymath! Thanks so much and I hope that you decide to do a follow up!



    I too really enjoyed this course. I do PCI assessments and overall IT Security as well as ITGC audits and frequently use social engineering in my work. I hadn’t heard of some of the tools discussed but they will certainly help for building a targeted library of knowledge to use in engagements.

    I too hope to see a continuation of this program and would be willing to share some experiences as case studies in the techniques, effectiveness, and potential impact of exploitation.

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