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    in setoolkit -credential harvesting method, does the attackers and victims systems should be connected to the same network? what if the victim is connected to a different network?


    Shalini Patil

    nice post



    setoolkit for the credential harvesting method needs that the attacker and the victim is connected to the same network to funcion



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    please and if you need, ask me more question 🙂



    ? sorry guys, this is completely wrong to say the least! sure you DONT have to be on the same network! it would completely miss the point if it´d be any different. i mean, you clone a site and link to it. after that, you SEND that link to your target via e.g. MAIL

    sure you could just spoof it on a network you mitm any target, anyways you´re free to setup the ip accordingly on the first issue.
    it asks you for entering the return ip address. just enter your external ip and if its static you´re good to go and things should work just as fine! otherwise you have to register at any dns management service like no-ip, ddns or similar. register, setup a host and you’ll get a dedicated address for that specific host you may enter in SET as return ip.forward ports on your router and setup dns service there to keep its ip updated.
    most routers nowadays have a dedicated section to do this. just ensure to switch on the advanced adminpanel and dang, there you go 😉 if not, you could either flash a custom rom to it or install a dedicated client app on the host (i.e. your computer/phone/whatever has to be kept updated). you can download these for free usually at the dns service´s site.

    its anyways much more convenient and advisable cause it does not resolve your ip in the targets browser! if this is all chinese to you, i guess this is information one could forget about. because aside doing seriously mad or unadvised stuff, theres hardly smh i can think about you could use this for. cause you’d know about these things if you´d be working with it.

    so “parental advisory”: don’t fool around with this and take this as an inside knowledge and really better learn WHY it for sure does work over the line too 😉 really not offending anyone, the knowledge i applied is for sure an educational one. I’m not responsible for consequences anyone testing this in any scenario you´re not allowed to will face! ^^

    kindly yours, cheers ^^




Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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