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    I would like to extend this question to the community.
    What would be a good checklist to follow for securing apps built by developers?
    What certifications or courses cover this topic in detail?
    I understand that security starts from the beginning of a project and cannot simply be tacked on at the end.
    For example how effective is the OWASP Testing Checklist?
    Can the principals here:
    Which was designed with Pen Testing in mind. Can this be used as a guide for Web Development?

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    Pretty much everything OWASP produces is worthwhile, and the link you’ve referenced is a good start. Ideally, you’d bake security into the whole process, as you mentioned. The Microsoft Secure Development Lifecycle ( is a good resource for this. Also remember that the checks are only as good as the people doing the checking, so if you don’t have someone trained in security testing, it may be worth while getting a product like Nexpose and scripting vulnerability scans into each build. Similarly, code reviews, and code analysis tools are a good way to catch errors before they get out.



    You Can also refer follwoing OWASP link.

    With Software checklist you can also check for Security Awareness tranings for developers , testers etc. Which will help them with the prior knowledge of developing secure apps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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