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    I have been a member of Cybrary for a few months,,, but haven’t really put forth the effort I should be… I’d like to ask you all members,,, from just starting to members that’s been here awhile… Is this site as good as it seems to be as far as teaching you skills you need to know for your real life professional goals????

    Just curious, I know it’s a good site… I’d just like to here from others and there thought’s…



    I think it’s a good site. It’s a great privilege to learn from instructors who have real world experience. Everything relevant about cyber is in one place through the portal. What more could you ask for ; )? We have forums, blogs, resources, advertising, job postings etc. Quite frankly if your asking this question, I think you haven’t looked around enough on what else is out there. Make it a daily habit or weekly habit to come on to this site now that you know about it… if you’re serious about cyber. I know this site will only get better. Hope this gave you a new insight.




    The content on the site is very good. The videos are a great place for beginners to get some foundational understanding of IT in general as well as a taste for how security plays a part in all areas. For the more advanced crowd the OP3N articles provide good insight to some of the areas they may not necessarily deal with on a regular basis. There is truly something for everyone at every level of their career on this site.

    With all that being said, I want to mention that the certification videos, though good, are not enough to pass their associated exams. You can watch the entire Sec+ video series and study the material for example and still fail the exam miserably. The videos should only be used to compliment other learning endeavors such as books. Another thing to point out is watching the videos and reading the OP3N articles are useless if you don’t experiment with what you’re learning. It’s very important to learn something then do something, with out this exercise you might as well just watch funny cat videos.



    I think there is some good material on this site.
    Kinda what you put into it is what you can ge out of it.



    It is a fantastic resource, but it should NOT be your only resource. Cybrary will never replace books like “The Art Of Deception”, or random articles and YouTube videos.




    I am fairly new here on Cybrary and as much in the dark regarding threats of a digital nature as probably you are. Although this has changed immensely since joining some of the courses. I have not ventured out into other sites to see what is out there but for me this is more than sufficient for my needs at this time.

    Biggest problem I have now is that I do not know enough about programming and will set my eye on the next course relating to Linux.

    For me, the domain is what I need to give me the background knowledge relating to the kind of threats that are out there and the antidote that is needed to get rid of that threat.

    Cheers Mightyhash



    OK to some this might sound stupid but I am still gonna go ahead and ask this any way , I actually did CCNA a while back now that I am starting to work on my dream of being a cyber Security expert I am facing one Giant problem and its the only thing that is stopping me and causing a great deal of confusion , Now this is my question I am reading books and using online sites and eventually I plan to go for the CEH course but I need to know this ARE CCNA SECURITY , CCNP SECURITY , CCIE SECURITY courses necessary ??I know what those courses offer and all and yeah it might help me understand the theory and working behind the firewalls and other stuff and it might might help me but I don’t know Do I need to take those courses in order to be a great security expert Or can I still be an expert without those ? HELP ME OUT GUYS your experts in the making your advice is gonna be great on this where I live there aren’t many experts on this matter so Yeah.

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    @kingrocker I wouldn’t say that those Cisco related certs are necessary to be a Cyber security expert. Nice to have sure, but those certs will focus on Networking/routing, attack prevention using Cisco equipment, firewalls etc.. Unless you really want to focus on Networking and the security side of Networking then I’d say that the Cisco path is worth pursuing. It depends what your end goal is, what type of Cyber security do you want to be? Pentester, Consultant, Analyst?



    @kingrocker, if you’re not already in a Cyber security role I’d actually advise against getting any further CCN* certs. The reason being if you start loading up your resume with Cisco certs you’re going to have a hard time convincing employers that you’re not a lifer in network engineering. You need to make sure your resume reads like a cyber security resume and nothing else. This doesn’t mean other certs don’t help sell yourself, you just have to balance things. Let me give a couple examples. If you have a resume that says CEH, CCNA & CCNA-Security you will be labeled as a network engineer; CEH and CCNA alone and you can go either way (now it depends on what your experience labels you as). Sec+, CEH, GPEN and CCNA looks like a security resume! Just look at the balance of certs.

    NOW the caveat to that is if you’re already in a CS role then you can get just about any cert you want. If you land a security analyst position and rack up a year or two of experience then you can use OOB certs to expand your horizons in the field (because at this point your don’t need to convince an employer that you’re not a network engineer). Hope this makes sense.

    I don’t follow posts so if you want my attention tag me or shoot me a message. Cheers!



    So its been 6 months now since I’ve started in the security field , To make my question more clear I learnt the following things first I did HTML,CSS, a little javascript to know how code is like , then studied networking CCNA and networking +, I spent a lot of time with Linux using different distors understanding the terminal ,Learnt bash scripting ( made a persistent backdoor in bash :p ) then I studied some common attacks like : SQLi ( manual) basic XSS , LFI, RFI, ninja sell upload , a little bit of password cracking. Now when I see courses like Advance pentesting in cybrary they don’t really simple and I know almost all the things they have to teach Yet I feel like I have very limited skills I feel like there is much much more to learn I just don’t know where to go from here , A little advice on what to do next would be very helpful .




    This place is good. Just don’t stop learning, experiment with what you have learned, read books, watch tutorials and do it as a habbit. 🙂



    It’s a very good site but you should not be completely dependent on it..



    Hi @slitaz,

    I find Cybrary an exellent resource, I’ve done many couses, watched many webinars and wrote articles for the “0P3N Knowledgebase”.

    But Cybrary goes much further than that, the webinars has left me in contact with many other Security Advisors worldwide. Without Cybrary I would have never have got this far in to cyber security, I have also done courses in Universities globally.

    Without Cybrary there is no way I would have got to know so many people and great resources.

    I recommend Cybrary in many countries! 🙂



    from the first moment i saw this websites i like it

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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