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    I was looking into taking the dual cert course they offer one for CEH/CPT and the other CEH/Metasploit, my question is how viable and sought after is the metasploit cert and is it better than the CPT. And as a whole is the course good and worth the $4,000 I will have to cough up? My end goal is to become a pen tester one day I currently have my SEC+ and CCNA. Should I be going a different route first? Thanks for your help



    Thanks @tatianna for the information




    Let me start my response by making this profound statement…

    Any investment you make on any noteworthy venture you believe in, is worth all the dime you put in it

    – quote me
    Now, Pentesting ( my definition) is the art (and science) of assessing the security of your infrastructure with a view to uncovering vulnerabilities and making amendments or patch the loopholes.

    In the course of pentesting your infrastructure, there are several tools that come into play serving various purposes to achieve your set target. METASPLOIT is one of the framework of tools in a pentesting venture. The reason Metasploit is often taken apart to be studied separately is because it is a FRAMEWORK of tools. It is a large warehouse of pentesting tools that enables you to carry out most of the activities you would want to do in a pentesting exercise…and it’s powerful.

    Mastering Metasploit though, does not make you a master pentester because it’s just ONE of the Pentesting tools. However, being certified as a pentester actually makes you what you want to be…a PENTESTER!
    You can go for any combination of course that helps you achieve your goal of becoming a pentester. Learning NEVER ENDS. Achieving the STATUS of a pentester is not all there is to be…you keep learning.

    In the end, what matters is how well you are able to master the particular tool you know how to use. It is not in acquiring all the knowledge available but, how useful and relevant the knowledge acquired is to you and the goal you’re pursuing.
    Hope you’ve gained some insight in my response.
    I wish you the best in your pursuit!






    why everyone keep saying all the best



    I wanted to know about situations and careers in India.



    @mayanky, the way to accrue cybytes is to log in once a day, and also to post a message in the forums. While it was meant to try and get people to share thoughts and ideas, even a meaningless post gives them cybytes. Basically, when you see someone post “all the best,” what they are actually saying is “I want a cybyte for the day without contributing.”



    Sounds good!






    what are your thoughts of CompTIA Security+ vs. SSCP
    I have to decide which one to go for and am leaning more towards SSCP.
    Down the road I plan to take CISSP



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    all the best commenter must be warn by mods, its getting worst. i cant read real comments.



    They definitely need to do something because like this there is no point in visiting these forums



    I think that you have a lot of experience already in the admin role. If the role that you posted allows you to work more with Security, than take it. But from what you posted, it seems to be more of an purely admin type of role. You need to be working in some of the 8 domains that comprise IT Security. If you were to work in Access Controls, Business Continuity Management, or encryption, I would say that those would be better options for you. It is tough to break into IT Security when you don’t have any experience in the line of work.

    I would also suggest that you work on incorporating some sort of IT Security function within the areas that the role encompasses. That would help you out a lot and will go a long way in helping you get that purely IT Security role that you are looking for.



    here are five things that will impact it security career and would help to grow both as security person and a human being..
    1. get a solid understandings of systems and networks
    2. if you don’t have virtualbox or VMware on your laptop, do it now
    3. read like crazy
    4. take advantages of the training resources available on the internet
    5. build up network in terms of with security people



    I think that from the list above, number 1 is the most important as there are many who jump directly onto security and they are reading how to protect systems that they do not understand how they work.



    best step to next level



    This is proving to be of a great help



    I am in a similar situation with my current job – you will be fine.



    tough one, im still learning so my advice probably wouldnt be great!

Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 401 total)

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