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    thank you so much for the information i have been thinking the same thing but i do not have a college degree i over worked my self and because of that i cannot go back since i already have a loan that i need to pay before i can go back that is why i use this site to get the basics to continue my education.


    The Carlisle

    One thing I will say about Python and scripting: The point about scripting falling into a memory hole after learning it tends to be true (but also that you can later recall more than you thought). Python is nice because you can use it as a scripting language and also build bigger things with it. Also, Python is one of those things in demand these days (or so it would appear from IT job postings).

    You didn’t speak to virtualization experience. In your free time (ha-ha) VirtualBox is free software. There is a bias toward VMware but the nice thing about VirtualBox is that it’s free for home use. You also kill two (or more) birds with one stone: you can get virtual machine experience and use the VM environment to install and play with technologies you need to know about. For instance, if you will be expected to roll out a disk image to multiple machines, VM experience may come in handy, as may playing with a virtual machine version of the image or software the image contains.





    Paul Rouk

    Python seems to be at the top of every list I’ve seen as a recommended programming language for security professionals. The link below is a very interesting discussion on getting started in IT security. He took a poll of security professionals and 81% recommended Python (the #1 choice), while bash scripting came in second with 79%.



    thank you



    First of all, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on the new job offer. For me, I think Security is all-encompassing and, depending on your personal zest, you might find yourself knowing a little about a lot and digging deeper as much as your hunger and adventure would permit.

    Looking at your job-description at a glance, I would first say, YES, it would kep you on the right path to obtain a security position as desired. Then, going further, I would recommend you get very familiar with virtual machines ( VMWare workstation is my favourite, though virtual box is not bad either). With a virtual machine, you could install and get your hands dirty with all manner of technologies you want to play with, without impacting on your real network.

    Having a proficiency in Microsoft infrastructure, network infrastrucutre, load-balancing etc (of course, virtualization is even part of your jobrole), you would need a good grasp of using Vmware which would enable you implement these solutions in a virtual environment and see first-hand, what they look like and prepare you for the real-world scenario.

    Checkout this link for a list of downloadable VMs to start with

    Talking about load-balancing, that’s a deep one I must say. I have a little over two years experience deploying F5 load-balancers and I can tell you it’s a steep learning curve if it’s included in your job-role but, then, it’s all fun too. It’s also got security features you need to know about. Head on to to download some VMs and other resources to play with. has a free online training resource for deep divers into F5 load-balancing technology. You can checkout other sources online for an introduction to load-balancing.

    To bring this to a close, I would say again, you’re on the right path. If you can learn and do keep learning, and put into practice what you learn, there’s no limit to where you can get to or what you can do.
    Give me a shout-out @sadorect if you would like to discuss further.



    Mehmood A. Khan

    BTW, is anybody passed ITILv3 Exam recently.



    I recommend that you get certified. If you want to be fancy get a certification in CISSP.
    Also, it sounded like you wanted to work with Microsoft Active Directory and Office 365. I recommend you get certified with Microsoft as well.
    If you like cloud technologies, it depends on how technical you want to get. Does Azure interest you?
    Good Luck with your career direction!



    I say go for it!



    Hi all,
    I am new to cybrary. I am Binod from nepal working as a System/Network Administrator. I am academically non IT person. I started working at the age of 19. Its been 6+ years by now. I am very much interested in Cyber Security and want to choose one as my career. I am worried that I will not be able to make it in big organization because i am non IT graduate. I want to know how important is it to be IT graduate even you are good enough in that job.

    Thanks in Advance.



    Hi Binod, I would say the answer to your question lies in your last statementstatement which is “that you are good enough in the job” Most or many IT enthusiasts are not I.T graduates (and am one of them. Check my profile). What you’re employed for, is to solve problems and prevent problems where possible. Depending on your employer though, your certificate or degree is not as important as your ability to deliver what you’re employed to do. So, please, focus on your job and keep on learning to improve yourself. Forget about the fact you’re not an I.T graduate. If it wasn’t considered before you’re employed, then, why worry about it?!!
    Give your career your best shot. Learn all you can. I.T is fun


    The Carlisle

    @sadorect, I do have one question: *Why* do you prefer VMWare over VirtualBox? Mind you, this is not a statement of preference on my part, I am just curious because I mentioned VBox and you mentioned VMWare. What do you know that I do not? Is it simply that VMWare has better adoption and so is more of an industry standard or is there some feature or features of it which makes VMWare better than VBox overall? I ask because I have constantly seen that slight tendency toward VMWare in a lot of tech articles and I never knew exactly why that was… Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.



    @the Carlisle
    Thanks for the inquiry. I think my “preference” for VMWare is merely a function of what am comfortable with as a result of constant use over time. I have had to use VBox as well but, I don’t enjoy it as much as VMWare and till date, VMWare still meet my needs. About features, of course, VMWare has far more features and options ( and it keeps evolving ) but, again, I’m just very comfortable with it over the years.



    I know its a bit of an old topic, but I’d say the job mentioned in the first post would help you along the path to a “security profession.” Realistically, damn near any IT field can be considered steps in the right direction from a security standpoint. Systems Administrators should be patching and hardening their systems. Network guys should be finding ways to better their security implementation. Information Assurance folks run the tools and make the reports to show vulnerabilities.

    Theres almost always a way to work towards the goal of security, so when you are looking for a “security position,” thats really any IT job.



    Hey @creno13, that is an insightful response from you there. Yes, old topic but fresh insight from you. The first isn’t always the best!



    This is a helpful post. I am also looking to further my career in IT and currently work as a tier 2 desktop support. I think I would like to further my career in security and have been considering getting my bachelors from western governer’s but I think I want to get a few certifications under my belt before I go in.



    All the best.
    and hey I have similar skill to yours and hope to be where u want to be too.
    so thumbs up for u boss



    hi all,
    am new in this,please where do i start from?


    Murilo Esplugues

    @godwinho – read all posts… 🙂



    If You Like it Do it especially if it pays more +benefits

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