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    IS there a plan to cover the new material in the ccent exam? It appears to have a stronger focus on IPv6 addressing than what is covered in the CCNA course.



    i like the new design and interface now



    I really love this site. But some time ago you have had the option to speed up the video. I’m missing this feature! Because if there’s content you already know you could just speed up and fly over the content without missing something…
    Bring back this time saving feature!


    Paul Rouk

    @nowayh4l — I use two different programs to adjust the speed of videos here. When I am running Firefox, I use the “Faster Video” extension which lets me right-click on a video and increase its speed by increments of 0.25x or 1x. When I am using Google, I use the “Video Speed Controller” extension which lets me press the letter “i” to speed up a video or “s” to slow it down. Both options work really well with the videos here.



    Thank you very much. I will try this out. I never came to the idea to use a 3. party tool for this.

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    The users feedback option is very effective way to communicate.



    What adding kali Linux to list or courses?


    Nauman Rahim


    I am unable to get my certificate. Can anyone help me?




    Rather than offering certifications exams for purchase, why don’t you offer practice exam questions for people to prepare for the industry certifications. This is certainly a much more lucrative avenue for you, as the going rate for sets of practice exam questions are very high. You could undercut the major competitors by 100% and still make money hand over fist. You can charge a minimal amount on a product that is digitally distributed and will have very little overhead and help people prepare for the certifications for a fraction of the cost.



    You have GOT to get some better people involved in the forums. The lack of a rewards system is probably a significant factor at the low adoption rate for sharp minds. I’ve visited the forums a number of times and am constantly disappointed with the lack of depth for nearly all the topics. I understand there are many people here that are new or just entering Information Technology as a field, which is great because that’s what this site is for, but in the forums, it’s like the blind leading the blind.

    Many deeply-contextual questions are asked one-liner style, and they get asinine one-liner replies. I like engaging people’s questions, but I just can’t take the forums here. Again, if there were a good rewards system in place where users could grant “best answer” and such… it would be much better. Maybe cybytes can be a credit/reward for good posts, because that would motivate ME to do a lot of trying for “helpful” or “best-answer” posts.

    Topic Author:
    -best answer = 2 Cybytes
    -helpful post = 1 Cybyte

    Other user(s)
    -2, maybe 3 votes for “helpful post” = 1 Cybyte

    Cybytes need to be reward for help, but rank should be independent of Cybytes, since they’re spendable. Reputation and rank are permanent.



    Security Onion with SNORT, BRO, and ELSA configuration and ongoing management.

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    cchristopher, excellent suggestions. Hopefully, the side administrators are paying attention to this post. Is there any way we can verify they have seen these ideas?



    Seconded, the form is lacking and needs some help.



    Please stop gamifying Cybrary!

    I understand the need of positive feedback for the users, but PLEASE give me an option to turn off the ‘You got points’ pop-ups!



    I prefer the older layout option much more, it didn’t feel as cluttered or as dark. And I would like an option to switch back to it.



    I was taking one of the certifications(Cryptography) and the popup window asking me to to get a tag for my profile popped up on every question. It was very annoying and distracted from taking the actual test. I am using Windows 10 and Google Chrome as my browser but my cookies are turned off…of course, as I am writing this, I realize it is probably because of that……

    So take this as a reminder kids, talk to yourself frequently, it may lead you to a previously un-thought-of solution.

    Thank you and goodnight



    In fullscreen video, can you give the ability to move to the next video?
    I usually watch in fullscreen, so everytime I watch a video, I do:
    – open video link
    – click Fullscreen
    – watch till end
    – click close Fullscreen
    – click arrow to next video

    It will be easier if that arrow also available in fullscreen



    Hey there, newby to the site and I love it. Really appreciate what you guys do. I think it would be beneficial if we could use Cybytes to take the Cybrary coursework exams/certs, The $10 ones. I just want to be able to test my knowledge as I go. There are plenty of free practice exams out there but it would be nice to take the ones corresponding to where im at in the course. I would be more inclined to pay for the end of the course exam if I had practice questions throughout the course I could take for free or using my Cybytes. Anywho, thanks!



    There should be a way to ‘upvote’ good posts to make them more visible on the forums, and to be able to tip users from the forums page instead of going to their account and doing it. Other than that the site is amazing.

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    abdullah sheikh

    You should add more courses like CCENT, ERM, ERP, Prince2, SAP, ORACLE.

    You should also add more management courses.

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