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    Hi,please I hope you don’t sad cuz of my question I want to ask you a question first let me introduce myself in a word I am Sr.Computer Science student & INE CCIE R&S student with background of MS server after I study Security+ I will study CCNA Security when should exactly should I study CEH and after CEH or with it what should I study to be a better Network Ethical Hacker what about programming when should I learn it wich langauage materials Video Books

    Many thanks in Advance
    Regards ,
    Cyberspirits .


    Johan Grotherus

    There is no easy way to answer your question. It all depends on a number of things, but in general speaking, hackers tend to know a bit about everything or at least know how to find information about most things. Hackers adapt and learn all the time, and with time comes experience and knowledge. As for programming, it all depends. Powershell and Python are very popular, and C/C++ knowledge is always good to have.



    yes you are right I will learn CCNA Sec then CEH then C++ and so on so forth



    again I wanna know what programming language like C++ is important to hackers

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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