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    Hello, I LOVE this course, it is fantastic. I did run into an issue that is confusing me, however. After I establish a reverse_tcp meterpreter session with my Windows target I am trying to set up the nc backdoor. I am able to get a second meterpreter session open which bypasses the UAC and is System level and then copy nc.exe over to system32, BUT I noticed that there is a difference between the Windows/System32 directory for my system-level meterpreter session (session 2) and my default meterpreter session (session 1). Is that because there is a separate Windows account for System? I cannot find ncat.exe in System32 when logged into my user account or in session 1 but I CAN find it by opening System32 in meterpreter session 2. This is of consequence because after adding the HKLM keys, rebooting my machine and logging into my user doesnt seem to make ncat start. Firewalls and Antivirus are off.

    Wondering if anyone can help 🙂




    Woops, problem resolved. First off, System IS a separate “account”. Second off, the port I was using (the same one used in the video) was actually being used by a microsoft service, which is why ncat was not connecting. Which I did not figure out until I tried running ncat manually without the ‘-d’ parameter, so it would tell me the error message.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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