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    What is letest thing in networking?



    Blockchain may be the least well known, but it is definitely poised to impact data centers in the coming year. Blockchain is the technology underlying Bitcoin, and some analysts suggest its potential enterprise uses could far exceed its helpfulness in tracking digital currency.

    Blockchain is a distributed database that is used to record an ever-growing list of transactions. It doesn’t require any permission to access it, but it’s nearly impossible to tamper with the data it holds. In other words, everyone can see what is written there, but no one can erase or change it.

    In the future, Blockchain could be used to track many different kinds of data, to speed and secure financial transactions, or even to prevent voter fraud.



    Cloud computing is proving to be more than a mere trend for manufacturers. In fact, those who have embraced ERP technology view cloud as central to their ability to compete. And for good reason. The cost benefits alone make it a compelling strategy—even to those who still believe they are better off “owning” the software. Below are examples of manufacturers who have experienced how cloud ERP helps them lower costs:
    1. Reduce Scrap and Inventory on Hand
    2. Lower IT Costs and Shifting Resources to Value-Added Activities
    3. Improve Quality While Cutting Costs



    Researchers at Germany’sTechnical University in Darmstadt have described a way for home Wi-Fi routers to form a backup mesh network to be used by the police, firefighters and other emergency personnel in the case of a disaster or other incident that wipes out standard cell and phone systems.

    The proliferation of Wi-Fi routers makes the researchers confident that a dense enough ad hoc network could be created, but they noted that a lack of unsecured routers would require municipalities to work with citizens to allow for the devices to be easily switched into emergency mode. The big question is whether enough citizens would really allow such access, even if security was assured.



    Containerization first burst onto the scene with the launch of the Docker open source project in 2013. Since then, it has become one of the most frequently discussed new data center technologies, and several other organizations have launched containerization initiatives.

    In simple terms, containerization offers an alternative to traditional virtualization. The technology packages together everything an application needs to run in a container. These containers are completely separate from each other, which provides security and portability. In addition, because they don’t require a hypervisor, containers are more lightweight and efficient than traditional virtualization, and they eliminate problems caused by having different test and production environments.



    IDC predicts that manufacturers will ship 111.1 million wearable devices in 2016, a 44.4% ,increase from the 80 million units shipped in 2015. In the past, the most common types of wearables have been smartwatches, like the Apple Watch, or fitness trackers like those from Fitbit. That could change this year as rumors suggest Google will launch an enterprise version of its Glass wearable this year.

    For businesses, wearables represent a new opportunity for interacting with consumers, as well as new ways to provide information to employees. If the technology takes off, organizations may soon be at work creating a new generation of mobile apps designed for wearables.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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