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    Hopefully you are all enjoying the new Notes feature!

    We are looking for feedback on the new layout and functionality, as well as bugs and errors you come across so we can fix it and make your user experience even better 🙂

    Most importantly, while we like getting good feedback, criticism is more important, so please express and let us know what you DON’T like and think can be made better. That way we can improve it with time to fit your needs because all we want here at Cybrary is for our members to be happy and able to utilize the courses and lessons to its fullest! 🙂

    You can read more about the Notes feature right here

    Bugs and Errors:


    • Limit the number of times the note box shows up
    • Expand note section and move it across the screen
    • Ability to export notes
    • Section where you can refer all notes for each course instead of going back to each module for each note
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    Where can I review notes after I have created them?
    As an aside I think one should be able to report forum posts.
    I started a forum and someone posted an off topic advertisement.






    help full….



    Hi @drag0n,

    You can review your notes under “My Notes” on the left side of the homepage, you have both individual notes and folders of collected notes from each course. You can also access each not from the lesson page, and under your profile you can see your last note and all the course folders right above your Cybrary achievements 🙂



    it a very nice feature..
    How do I delete my note..?
    Is it visible to all?



    Hi @echo,,

    Yes your notes are visible to everyone 🙂 Right now we don’t have a Remove option for the note, but you can edit if you need to. Each lesson/video has it’s own one saved note where you can write as much as you’d like so you don’t accidentally create duplicate notes 🙂


    sheeraz ali

    great courses here thanks for providing them for free


    sheeraz ali

    thats great now i can create notes directly under the video



    Thank you to everyone at Cybrary who contributed to the new note feature! The two criticisms I have for this feature are as follows:

    1) It would be nice if I could export my notes to some other program, such as excel, or one-note.

    2) It would be nice if there was a section where I could refer to all the notes I took for each course, instead of having to go back into each module to visit each note.

    Well, that’s all the criticism I have so far. Nothing harsh. Just honest feedback to help you guys improve. 🙂 Thanks again for all that you guys do!




    Unfortunately with IE, the “Take Notes

    Click on the Note icon to Start Taking Notes. Read More About My Notes on Cybrary.” box is plastered over the course video and a major distraction. Does it close itself at some point?

    EDIT – Yes, my bad, you have but to click/open the notes once, to collapse the text box to the upper right of the video window.

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    I find the features are good. Thanks



    much better than furiously typing in word and remembering to save it.


    sheeraz ali

    i wrote this article please take a look and if you like it tip cybytes and share this is my first article so please dont judge much

    Anonymize Yourself on a Network (Change Your MAC Address)



    Honestly, it’s not bad but it could be improved further. For example, is there a way we can expand the notes section and move it anywhere across our screen?






    I like this new feature that i can take notes, but one thing irritates me. Every time i go a course, before i press the play button, this note box are in the way. I know i can take note, i do it, but i don´t need to be reminded of this new feautere every time/day. You should take this box away, some times i need to read whats under the box, without starting the video first. And the only way to do that now is to press the +note button and minimize it.
    I use Firefox by the way.
    Sorry, i see other are having the same problem, maybe you should implement a like buton, or “i have the same problem button”, so you know more than one have the same problem.

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by  peesak.


    It is a good feature



    Got problems on End User Awareness Course (among other guys). Still could not get my Certificates after completing it and the 10 quizzes needed. Please look into this. Kinda frustrating. Thanks.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 31 total)

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