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    Akash Raghav M

    Hi everyone,

    So with Social Engineering and Manipulation Course ready for us to rock, here are some of my suggestions that can help you excel in Social Engineering.

    1. Leverage ( 2008 – 2012 )

    One of my THE – MOST favorite shows when it comes to Social Engineering / Hacking / IQ bla bla bla. In this show, the main character Nathan Ford ( AKA : Nate ) former insurance investigator and his new friends act as modern-day Robin Hoods, pulling elaborate scams targeted against the greedy and the corrupt. Nate was inspired to begin his con business when his former employer refused to pay for treatment that could have saved his son’s life. Each episode has a good story line , social engineering and the awesomeness!!! Too bad, they ended the show ;( .

    2. Matchstick Men ( 2003 )

    Roy (Nicholas Cage) and Frank (Sam Rockwell) run a scam that starts with telemarketing a price-inflated water filtration system and ends with posing as federal agents who want to nail the telemarketers. This con starts small and ends with a big-time take.

    3. Catch Me If You Can ( 2002 )

    This movie is based on the life story of the most infamous Social Engineer of the History, Frank Abagnale.
    While still just a teenager, Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) runs away from home and manages to pose as Pan Am pilot and scam thousands of miles of free flights around the world. While he’s at it, he also cashes millions of dollars in forged checks from Pan Am. In the film, Abagnale also successfully pretended to be a doctor and a teacher before he was caught by the FBI years later.

    Lots and Lots of Movies and Shows are out there today on Social Engineering, i only picked the very best of them ( of what i liked ). These movies gives you an idea, clue, and also help you in mastering it.

    If you want to see these movies / shows in Android ( or you are from a country where Netflix is not supported ) , then you can view those movies / videos in the link or from the App called ShowBox

    ShowBox ( Android App )

    Show Box is a great app for both Android and iOS that can help you watch / download videos / movies for free of cost ! Visit the link above and download and install and enjoy.

    — xMidnightSnowx



    There was another show several years ago that I remember watching…can’t remember the name for the life of me but the guy would do things like go into a bank and break a $50 bill and end up walking out with $200 in his pocket. He’d do other sorts of social engineering attacks of a similar vein. What was weird is that most of what he did was just about how he said things that would get people to do things they would never normally do.

    I’ll have to see if I can dig it up again. I don’t think it ran for many episodes.

    What about “Sneakers” Movie with Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Ackroyd, Ben Kingsley, River PHoenix etc? One of my favorites. Not all about Social Engineering but fun to watch just the same.


    Ξ B ☢ B Ξ

    @jholbrook – I believe you are referring to Derren Brown and one of his series, Mind Control or Trick of the mind



    I mentioned the TV Show ‘Lie to Me’ in the thread below only a short time ago – posting link to save a double post.



    If you are interested – Mr. Robot is a great show that involves social engineering as well.

    It is on USA Network and Hulu, but I don’t think Netflix as of yet.

    Hope you enjoy it!


    Akash Raghav M

    You can watch them at or an app called showbox ( onhax has the ad free version )



    Mr. Robot Seems to be a very good little show. First season just ended.



    I’ve heard many good things about Mr.Robot, but not caught it yet.
    Too much study keeping me away from the watching shows lol – I think I’m overdue catching and highly likely will be a much needed break 😀



    did anyone know if the movies in discussion is educative. let me know please.



    Hello, the other day i was watching “Top Cat” you know, the cartoon from Hanna-Barbera, and i relized that Top Cat always fuck everyone with Social Engineering, he is a great example of SE, even before the term was recognized.

    Just a Comment, and i will watch Mr Robot soon, it seems interesting.




    Thank You For Smoking



    Great list so far, I would like to add a few:

      The Frame Up
      Femme Fatale
      Hustle (TV show)
      The Great Train Robbery
      Oceans 11, 12 & 13

    I know there are more, I just can’t think of most right now. I will try to update this when I remember and may even write a little on them.



    Hustle is a must!



    You haven’t mention this movies the “fifth estate” it is about the guy call Julian assange of “wiki-leaks” and its also a true life story of jullian assange the one who hacked NASA,PENTAGON,and some US military network.



    Mr. Robot is worth a look, although there are too much drugs and too little hacking. But I like the stories about him hacking other people and most characters are also interesting.



    tnks mr robot ruled



    well mr robot is a drama, which i don’t really like as a genre in itself, anyways this ones been hell of a ride. comparable to breaking bad in its effect imo. so don’t expect it being too much about hacking. its rather a story aside, a pretty good and well researched one though. according the hacking side i.e. anything shown works as shown (btw just like in breaking bad!) and they put particular focus on this. i loved it, great story, looking forward to the 2nd edition…

    aside, hustle is great and white collar been smth i enjoyed when i had nothing to watch aside. both more about heists, though lots of input on social engineering issues 🙂 blacklist is really weird and worth a watch. on both, social engineering and profiling issues i found “lie to me” really inspiring! another one i found to be interesting was “the mentalist”….

    matter of taste for sure, many i just tried and stick to them though i wasn’t exactly fascinated on the first episodes…. but each mentioned here i watched till the end and each of them have really weird and/or inspiring storys and might be worth to watch for anyone else than me ^^

    movies: oh yeah… “limitless” ^^ “thank you for smoking” been already mentioned, just have to agree, thanks for the reminder… and yeah, try “99 francs”!! really enjoyed this one, though you shouldn’t mind the occasional “fearNloathing” style ^^ for a more “insidebrain” experience you really should try “revolver”. weird but worth a watch n a few more!!


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    There is a movie that impressed me very much — “Who Am I”. It’s mostly not about SE, but it shows how computer hacking is done with the big help of social engineering.



    Some of them are. But what you mean by educative? Like… using them as tutorials? 🙂 Nope, those movies already mentioned are not tutorials. guidelines? Could be…



    link to wash those suggested movies

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