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    Hi everybody,

    It’s been a while since I got time to script something and to visit this site. Some while ago I was following a class and somebody was doing a MITM attack on the whole class. I started getting warnings from my firewall. I had a hunch from who it was but couldn’t find anything that was 100% correct it was him so I started thinking how I could detect an MITM attack and started scripting so I came to this script

    Dim strOutput, strOutputFinal
    bRunOnce = True
    ' Now control the MAC adress off the default gateway every 20 seconds
    Do While 1 = 1
    	Set WMI=GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2")
    	Set WshShell= WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    	Set objNetworkAdapters = WMI.ExecQuery ("SELECT * FROM Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration WHERE IPEnabled=TRUE")
    	For Each objAdapter in objNetworkAdapters
    	  If not IsNull(objAdapter.DefaultIPGateway ) Then
    	    strGateway = Join(objAdapter.DefaultIPGateway, ",")
    	  End If
    	Set WshArp = WshShell.Exec("arp -a " & strGateway)
    	strArpResult = WshArp.StdOut.ReadAll
    	Set RegEx = New RegExp
    	RegEx.IgnoreCase = True
    	RegEx.Global = True
    	RegEx.Pattern = "[0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2}"
    	If Regex.Test(strArpResult) = True Then
    	  'i = 0
    	  Set Matches = RegEx.Execute(strArpResult)
    	  For each Match in Matches
    	    if not Match = "00-00-00-00-00-00" Then
    	      'Wscript.StdOut.Write Match
    	      strOutput = Match
    	      'WScript.Echo strOutput
    	      'i = i + 1
    	    End If
    	End If
    	' Look if the text file exists
    	If (bRunOnce = True) Then
    ' 		Set fileSys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    ' 			If fileSys.FileExists(".\Main.txt") Then
    ' 				fileSys.DeleteFile ".\Main.txt"
    ' 				'WScript.Echo "File deleted"
    ' 		End If
    ' 		' Write the MAC adres to a text file
    ' 		Set objFileToWrite = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").OpenTextFile(".\Main.txt",2,true)
    ' 		objFileToWrite.WriteLine(strOutput)
    ' 		objFileToWrite.Close
    ' 		Set objFileToWrite = Nothing
    		strOutputFinal = strOutput
    		'WScript.Echo "Finale output: " & strOutputFinal
    		bRunOnce = False
    		'WScript.Echo "Tussentijdje output: " & strOutput
    		If (strOutput = strOutputFinal) Then
    			' If they match there's no problem
    			'WScript.Echo "No problems detected." & VbCrLf
    			' If they don't match there is an MITM attack going on
    			WScript.Echo "Possible MITM attack!!" & VbCrLf & "Default gateway MAC: " & strOutputFinal & VbCrLf & "Attacker MAC: " & strOutput
    		End If
    	End If
    	WScript.Sleep 10000

    It’s a vbs script. Just copy and past it in notepad and give it the .vbs extention, then open a terminal and go to the .vbs file location and do the following:
    cscript <filename>.vbs

    If something if wrong then you will get a warning, you will get the MAC-adres of your gateway and if someone is doing an MITM attack you will get the MAC adres of there device.
    I’m planning of doing some extra’s if I got a little more time but for now I thought that it would be interesting to share :).

    I tested it with my PC’s and it worked. My native language is Dutch so you will find some weird spelling in the comments:).

    Kind regards.



    Not a bad little script. I myself am trying to make a AV (one of my life goals). I’m glad to see someone else working on the security side 🙂 .



    wow thanks =D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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