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    For advanced vulnerability assessment and penetration testing every one must go through the Metasploit course through Cybrary.



    Metasploit is to hacking as Microsoft Office is to windows: If you decide to only learn one hacking tool it better be metasploit. Easy to use yet powerful enough to do a full customization. Kudos to the developers for making this tool. (and in ruby too)



    “metasploit” is really great course !!! sometime, there are some “funny endings” (when Dean Pompilio says ”That’s not what I was expecting” 🙂 but at the end, really : good, very good sessions ! @dean : I think, regarding Metasploit Module 4 – (Vulnerability Scanning part 5.1), that you should remove the “@” sign from the password of your “admin” account and then, you should be connect to Nessus via metasploit 😉 (otherwise the “@” sign is interpreted and what come next is considered as the host). Currently you command line contains 2 “@” signs 😉
    Mr Dean Pompilio : Big thank you for this course which is, from far, the best I have had at this time on Cybrary! 🙂






    I thought the course was well laid out, for someone that has or hasn’t used metasploit. Just because you have used an application, doesn’t mean there is nothing else to learn. I picked up a few interesting ideas while playing around, and have used metasploit in the past. There is always another way, that is the part which needs to be understood. Thanks to the author of the class.



    metaspolit is very powerful tool for hacking



    I like this course so far. I wish it wasn’t chopped up so much so I could just watch each module all the way through.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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