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    Every Source I have ever encountered has listed hubs as a layer 1 device because it has no intelligence. This course states it is a layer 2 datalink layer device.

    What is the rationale?



    For the N10-006 you need to know that it is considered Layer1 along with WAP and Ethernet Cables.


    Ahmed Diab

    Layer 1 in Cisco literature states hubs as layer 1 device



    Can seeing a HUB as layer 1 or layer 2 make yourself look like an idiot if you have always known one over the other?

    Person A has always known hubs to be layer 1

    Person B has always known hubs to be layer 2

    Person A and Person B both think the other is stupid for having a different idea of what layer the hubs are.


    Brian Idol

    This course is wrong by calling a hub a layer 2 device. There is no logic behind a hub. Heck there are some hubs that don’t even require a power source. Hub are and will always be a layer 1 device since they are nothing more than a glorified wire splitter.

    Switches (by default) live at Layer 2. Routers live at layer 3.



    Hubs are layer 1, Switches layer 2 and Routers Layer 3. This is the law of the land. (in most cases)



    This error confused me a lot when I encountered it. Could the author update the course and correct the mistake? And how am I to know it’s the only one?

    Somehow my trust in the SME is a bit lost now.

    If you think about it, it does not make any sense for a hub to be layer 2 since it knows nothing about mac addresses, which is an argument that was used specifically for switches to reason why they are layer two and not three: They know nothing about IP addresses…

    Very weird.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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