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    Anshuman Sonuley

    I here that Lunix kali is normally used by hackers but here they taught us to install Lunix Ubantu . What should I do now ? Is Ubantu work as same as Kali ?
    Regards Anshuman



    Kali and Ubuntu both are “children” of Debian, so mostly they are the same. The biggest difference between Ubuntu and Kali is default Desktop environment and software already installed. Ubuntu uses Unity and have software needed for daily tasks (text editors, spreadsheet editor, audio/video player etc., etc.) while Kali uses Gnome (?) and Kali is designed for security specialists, and there are a lot of pentesting, forencing ant other tools for “hackers”.
    IMHO for beginner it’s better to use Ubuntu, than Kali.

    P.s. sorry for my English…



    Alchazar has it right. They are both Debian based, so for the purposes of the course(Linux Administration) they should work about the same. Ubuntu is more common and is frequently used as a regular day-to-day distro. Kali comes preloaded with a bunch of tools that is you wanted you could install in Ubuntu, but they are not necessary to understand what you need to for Linux+. I suggest Ubuntu if you are newer to Linux and then move to Kali when you are focusing more on security. I personally use Fedora which is RPM based. I suggest making a virtual machine of that as well so that you can practice on both Debian and RPM machines because you need to know both for the exam.


    Zachary Keeton

    Use Ubuntu first to learn “regular Linux”.

    Use Kali later to learn “hacker Linux” (but without becoming a criminal).



    For beginners better use Ubuntu than Kali Linux



    Kali comes with lots of pre-installed tools. So you better go with Kali.



    First of all as a beginner practice all what you have learned in Ubuntu later on you can go for Kali Linux.
    Basically it’s just a flavor of Linux with more features and its used buy hackers because it has many more add on features which a hacker requires which are pre-installed on Kali. So the choice is your u can practice commands on both Kali Linux and Ubuntu



    I think that using Ubuntu is better.
    It’s better to use Ubuntu or Debian to learn the basics, and you can always look for a tool and download it.

    Personally, I’m Using Ubuntu(as a first step on switching to Linux) and I’ve download tools like airecrack-ng, Armitage…



    just keep in mind that ubuntu does some stuff very differently from most other linux distributions.



    hello i have a question there is any difference between ubuntu and kali linux in commande line terminal ?



    @sa: yes and no

    bash will be bash
    most applications will work pretty much the same way in Ubuntu as in Kali
    but as far as configuration of the distribution goes, there are something that ubuntu does in it’s own special way. Now, if you just use ubuntu as a tool, a working environment, you might never come across one of those things. If you’re looking to learn as much as you can about linux, I’d go for Kali.



    It depends if you are going to use it for daily uses and nice desktop environment then go with Ubuntu, but if you want an OS with pre-installed penetration tools then I guess Kali will be good.



    Kali is now the defacto standard for pen testing it comes bundled with a lot of utilities that Ubuntu doesn’t have, install kali to have a feel of the best tools out there, but you can also install the utilities on the kali distro on your ubuntu box as well



    What about installing Ubuntu as a primary system & installing Kali on Virtual Box on Ubuntu, so you can enjoy both of them ?



    kali for sure

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    use both and see difference



    I agree with what many others have said – Ubuntu is a great system to learn Linux, particularly because of the community Canonical has built and its beginner-friendly culture. You won’t ever get put down for being a n00b in the Ubuntu forums. Ubuntu is a good general purpose desktop environment (although since Canonical started using the Unity interface I like to use Linux Mint – call me old fashioned).
    Kali is a specialized distro with a set of tools for a very specific purpose. It was never intended as a general purpose system, but is built with the Penetration Tester in mind.
    My recommendation: Use an Ubuntu or Linux Mint desktop. Install Virtualbox on it and create a Kali virtual machine to learn pen testing tools. Kali’s tools almost all have to run as root, so it doesn’t have the “no root account” security approach of Debian or Ubuntu. Use your Kali VM as a pen testing sandbox. If you mess up you’ll have your template to simply roll out another VM.



    Both via Virtual environment.
    Learn to use Ubuntu.
    Learn to hack your Ubuntu using Kali.
    NOTE: The tools supplied with Kali are not intuitive. Command Line Interface (CLI) experience and a ton of research is required (YouTube makes it easier).
    NOTE2: Kali has all the tools you need to get arrested. DO NOT ATTACK RANDOM IPs. There are YouTube videos of kids out there who test/attack random IPs. Many of them don’t realize they are attacking foreign countries which could get them in serious trouble, possibly arrested or even killed (I’m not kidding).
    IMO: the term Attack is synonymous with Scan. Your target could treat a scan as an attack.



    I believe it’s important to make a NOTE3; Use Kali from a virtual system and never hack or attack from your host. Retaliation could be catastrophic.


    Adeel Ahmad

    I have used both of the Operating Systems but to the question I would recommend to go to Kali because it is majorly built for Hacking & Penetration Testing purposes & it is toughened beyond ages,Whereas Ubuntu is simply the replacement of your Windows Operating System.You would have to separately install all the tools which are pre-loaded in Kali.

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