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    I am also studying for the N10-006 Exam.

    I am starting to read thru the Mike Meyers AIO Book and have browsed thru his video course for the exam.

    I also have the video course by Kevin Wallace as I have read elsewhere that there are supposedly some sims related to Cisco device config/troubleshooting? Any truth to this?

    From any of you who have passed the exam, I would like to know how you approached studying for it?

    I guess I’m just looking for some guidance as to the best way to tackle preparing for this exam.

    I have until August to take it. Will probably be getting the Certmaster Deluxe bundle so I can get the retake voucher if needed.

    I have not started the course here on Cybrary yet.

    Thanks for any advice/input you can provide!

    Maybe I making too big a deal out of this test, but I missed the 005 due to taking the A+ and just want to be as prepared as possible because I am not a great test taker.


    The Rapture

    Hey there @topher4862 ! Good luck on your exam! I didn’t go out and buy any books or anything like that. I bought the deluxe bundle and used the certmaster software, but after I watched every cybrary video on Net+. That was it. I felt prepared to take on the test after that, and felt confident that because I had another shot at it if I didn’t pass. All in all, I think that cybrary helped prepare me for the exam, and the certmaster questions helped solidify my knowledge through practice. I hope this is helpful!

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    sorry about not responding earlier. I kind of lost the motivation for studying until now. Now I am restudying and setting up my test in OCT.


    The Rapture

    Right on man. That will give you plenty of time to prepare.



    With over five hundred practice test questions, including new performance-based types, hours of video training and lab exercises, the CompTIA Network + Certification Study Guide, Sixth Edition (Exam N10-006 Practice Tests) covers everything that You need to know to prepare for this test challenge.



    @therapture congratulations! Also where do you work? It sounds amazing and I want in! 😛

    Did you have any previous networking experience or any degree in the field? From your job it sounds like you would have previous tech-y experience.

    I have the Meyers book, but I figure I would be able to finish videos + practice questions faster than reading the book which would be ideal. I was also surprised with the A+ exam because I bought certmaster and it had no “master”-ing of the simulation questions. In addition many of the exam questions I felt were odd and vague. I passed my first try, but yeah… wasn’t fun being nervous due to the vagueness of the questions… also… I had poison ivy on half of my face and was concerned about that the whole exam lol. Looking back it was fine, but I could have gotten the same result with any practice questions really. The retake voucher felt like good insurance, but I paid for unnecessary insurance so it was meh. But… at the same time… I just decided to take it early because I had the retake voucher so that was nice. It had its pros and cons.

    Would you recommend your method to someone with 0 previous knowledge and experience?


    The Rapture

    Hey @tal32123 I Worked someplace different when I started this thread than I do now. I moved on to another consulting firm though, and I am still pentesting at a more advanced level. Congrats on passing your exam! As for what I would recommend, with someone who has no experience in any IT related field; I would recommend that they at least watch (no exam) the entire A+ course first. I am mentoring a group of people and I recommended that they do this, and it has been great so far for them. The reason I say this, is because it helps to fill in any gaps in knowledge and troubleshooting they may have before they get into networking. This will help them to better troubleshoot and make things easier for them in the long run. After that, I am recommending they move on to Net+ and take the exam. I also recommend the Net+ Bundle for the exact reason you mentioned above. you said you were nervous during the test, and who knows, something out of your control (like poison ivy) could cause you to not be able to focus and the ~$100 is worth it for a retake and the certmaster software. I remember when I took the test, I finished right as the clock ran out, and I am a decent test taker. So when you pass the test on the first try, sure it is meh that you didn’t need the other voucher, but its better to have it and not use it than to not have it and have to pay another >$200 to retake it (I see the certmaster as a bonus). Another thing that has changed since then is the fact that Cybrary has added a lot of new things to help along the way, like the mini skills assessments and whatnot. After passing the Net+, there are many routes you can take.

    It would certainly help to learn Linux and windows system administration before getting into any security related field like pentesting. Everyone wants to get into penetration testing because its the sexy job, but the people who don’t thoroughly learn these things will most likely fall flat on their face when it comes to getting into the field. This is because not knowing the basics leads to a lot of gaps in knowledge which knowledgeable employers will see right away. Fill in as many gaps as you can, even if you don’t want to test for them. I mean, the material is free! If you have the time, then learn it. If you don’t make the time to learn, you have another whole different problem, which is that you must have the wrong intentions. People who are passionate about security will learn all there is to learn about everything that involves what they love. If you don’t have the interest to learn about networking and system administration, then you will not like pentesting. It is all learning all the time. And then report writing, oh god, the report writing. I hope you got all straight A’s in school in English (or whatever your language is), because you will be spending about 80% of your time writing reports about what you did. I am not even kidding. Clients spend tens of thousands of dollars or more for a penetration test, and the deliverable is your report. It has to be immaculate, because at the end of the engagement, that report is all they have physically to show for their money.

    Anyway, hopefully that gives you some insight on what to expect perhaps down the road. Cybrary is a fantastic source for information, and I know they are building and improving on everything. Things are only going to get better as well. Anyway, I hope I answered your questions. Have a great day!



    @therapture Do you think it would be likely to gain entry level employment with the Network+? I have the A+ and have been applying for a while now with no real results. I see many of the places where I am applying there are hundreds of people who applied previously (not everywhere shows the number of applicants, but in general when they do it is that high of a number). I was also told by someone else that certs don’t matter when getting hired which is quite disappointing if that is true as I spent a lot of time and energy learning as it truly is what I love. Is that true about the certs?

    Also, I think I did the bundle for the 801 and then for 802 I got the cert from the student shop as my college email still worked. Finally made itself useful :D. I’d have to do the math and see what is a better deal as the student store is cheap, but yeah insurance is nice 😀



    well done! wrapping up the net+ videos now – also looking forward to taking my NET+ adventure soon








    Firstly Congrats to you for success in N10-006 Exam.
    Certification in each area covers a certain syllabus that you have to study before the exam. You will also have to go through different class tests and semester exams before reaching your final exam. Your final exam is based on your progress throughout the academic period. So, you will have to go a long way to get CompTIA certification.



    The new CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam is available as of March 2018. N10-006 English version will be retired 8/31/18. That means we still have 5 months to take N10-006 exam test. Meanwhile, Examgood also could try our best to get the newest upgrade version N10-007 certification exam questions material.

    CompTIA Network+ is a performance-based certification that helps you develop a career in IT infrastructure by validating the hands-on skills needed to troubleshoot, configure, and manage both wired and wireless networks. Get CompTIA Network+ certification just need to pass N10-006 or N10-007 exam is ok.

    As CompTIA candidates we should know that Network+ ensures an IT professional has the knowledge and skills to:
    1. Design and implement functional networks

    2. Configure, manage, and maintain essential network devices

    3. Use devices such as switches and routers to segment network traffic and create resilient networks

    4. Identify benefits and drawbacks of existing network configurations

    5. Implement network security, standards, and protocols

    6. Troubleshoot network problems

    7. Support the creation of virtualized networks

    Master all the CompTIA Network+ exam key points you should get then use Examgood CompTIA Network+ N10-006 exam questions material to prepare for your exam test currently.



    I already pass my CompTIA n10-006 exam. I prepare this exam from multiple study sources also included the updated n10-006 dumps. New n10-006 dumps are available here.

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