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    Can i use this certificate to look for for a job?



    Truthfully, it depends on a number of factors. Some companies or hiring managers may hire on the strength of the ITIL certification alone. Conversely, another company may be looking for the ITIL accompanied by a bachelors degree in Computer Science.



    I was trying to understand the ITIL certification.
    I am graduating in May with my AAS in Network Admin / Analyst.
    how does the ITIL really works?



    The certificate and knowledge of the course is very useful, but many companies only thing is that you have sinteresa certification ITIL Foundation v3 and that’s what sells.

    The ITIL exam is very cheap you can present at a Prometric center



    PearsonVue as well



    nice,this website is very helpful for student
    thanks dude



    The ITIL Foundation Exam is great for folks who want to move up in the IT food chain. I opens a world of understanding and a perspective usually only available to management types. If you want to get on with your career or get off of the help desk, ITIL is a good choice.



    this is a wonderful website for self learning.


    Will Cates

    I just got my Foundation certificate in March. ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is definitely most pertinent to management, but is relevant at all levels of IT, and the organization. I am a Linux Administrator, and I use ITIL to help understand where my role and responsibilities lie in the organization. It basically tells me which cog I am in the giant corporate machine. It is a way for me to prioritize my work. I have very little supervision at work, and I have to make a lot of decisions based on what makes sense. So, ITIL, helps me with that, and can help anyone in IT. It is a framework for IT best practices, essentially. It never goes into the nitty-gritty of how to provision ASM disks for Oracle servers, or how to set up your monitoring system, or anything technical. But it is a great guide on the theory behind infrastructure, and it can give you direction. There are even many tools that are ‘ITIL based’, such as Service Now, with it’s use of Incidents, Problems, Change Control, etc. The Knowledge base and Service Desk are also features that are adherent to ITIL framework. That’s all very much debated amongst the professionals, however. Let me know if you have any questions about any of this.



    Will Cates

    @chazbr, yes, even the ITIL Foundation cert is useful to find a new job. It really hits home with management. However, you will still need the essential skills of the job on top of this.



    @will Cates Thanks alot man, the info is really helpful.



    I’m focusing on PMP, is ITIL a competition of PMP or complement one another?


    muhammad ridwansyah



    Jason Breining


    The ITIL certification is actually just beginning to catch the attention of hiring managers when looking to hire IT talent. While the certificate of completion from this site may not help very much in job hunting, obtaining the certificate might possibly do wonders for your resume. I am currently working on studying for mine, along with several other certifications. Best of luck to you.




    Is the Certificate a certified ITIL certificate, or just a provement for that I taken the exam?




    There is a difference between “Certificate of training completion” and the so-called “Industrial certificate”. You get the first one after taking some training, and the second one after passing an official exam. I suppose that most employers will value the industrial exam.

    The main purpose of the “Certificate of Completion” is for people with other certificates to have “proof of training” as they can claim CPE (Continuous Professional Education, or similar) credits to maintain these other certifications.

    The industrial certificate can be obtained after passing the exam at a Pearson Vue or Prometric. These are exam providers who just test you and send the test results to the certification provider who then issues the industrial certificate. One such certification provider is Exin.



    Just started ITIL foundation course.The materials here are just wow…and its free!!!



    Ive been looking online at the Prometric website and it took me to this….

    When you click book there’s an online option, can we take the test over the net now?

    Also one thing, can the Certificate of Completion count towards an employer or do I need to do the test with Prometric as well?




    The certificate provided by Cybrary is not the official certification, you need to go through an official channel should you wish to acquire the Official Certification.

    Cybrary Certificates are to show you’ve completed the course, you can always go that one step further and get the official certification. Do them both!




    So I noticed that the training on here doesn’t include the exam, does anyone know where I can do the exam online? And the cost involved in taking it? I’m currently in Australia and a lot of job adverts are asking for ITIL as part of their criteria.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 38 total)

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