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    Hi All,

    I recently sat the CISM exam and got an “interim pass”… so I have to wait 10 days for the official
    word and then submit paperwork around experience.

    I have to say… thanks to Kelly and Cybrary. I also passed my CISSP just over a year ago
    via this site. Kelly, you’re a good teacher and explain things well.

    So… some tips on CISM (because I am sure you’re looking for some). Well those tips are below:
    1 – Dont skimp… watch the videos (I watched them twice) and take in any extra info you can. Its worth it.
    2 – If you have your CISSP already (like me), don’t assume you can pass… you still have to do the study, although it will help having your CISSP.
    3 – At the very least (for CISSP people), get the ISACA book that contains the exam prep questions, and DO ALL OF THEM. This will help you “THINK” the way they want you to… like an actual info security manager. It will also help you understand and grasp the wording of the questions. It is worth the spend.
    4 – Get into a study group if you can (my company is good with this sort of thing)… with some colleagues who are also taking on CISM. Bouncing ideas and understanding of concepts of other people can help with your understanding of the topics and how ISACA need you to think for real world scenarios.
    5 – Take your experience into the exam.. BUT.. and this is a key point, remember your experience may NOT be how things should be done… ISACA are driving the way things “should” be done… not the way *your* current employer does it. It’s all around best practice… keep that in mind.
    6 – Do not be afraid to do a CISM course if you need to. A few people in my study group have done it (5 day intensive course) and its helped a lot. If can help drive home a lot of the concepts.
    7 – When you sit the actual exam, make sure you read all the instructions carefully at the start. This will
    ensure you know how the interface works and the layout of the exam. It will also ensure you know how to mark
    questions for later review (if required) and how the exam ends etc
    8 – Read each exam question carefully. Then read it again. Just like real situations, it’s important to carefully consider what is being asked of you to ensure you’re making the correct judgement. If in doubt, read it again OR mark it for review later. Don’t rush yourself, try to stay in the ISACA CISM mindset.

    Good luck to everyone, and try to remember to stay in the mindset of the professional security manager.

    Now to take on my next challenge 🙂

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    Jose Z

    I’m currently following Kelly’s videos. Thanks for this insight and tips!



    @notcorrect Thank you for this information. I took this exam in June and did not pass. I issue is not knowing how to analyze the question. So I’m looking for some assistance on how I can improve in this area. I will watch all of Kelly’s videos again and hope that I can grasp the concept of the questions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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