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    Mohsin Turi

    TPMP is helping Mountain Communications (MC), a well-established telecommunications company, create risk management processes. One of your first assignments is to create a risk management process for a project that is replacing two old systems with two newer systems to reflect modern information technological advances. The systems depend on one another and will have telephone and location information for MC’s customers. The old systems will need to continue functioning while data is converted. The new systems are provided by a vendor who is asking MC to be one of the first companies to implement them. The company has decided to use a gateway program, which will convert the old data into the formats of the new systems. The company has decided to create the gateway program itself though several are available on the market. The program is critical to both conversion efforts and a plan has been created for a phased conversion—the data will not be converted all at once—MC has been able to segment the data to be converted over the next couple of years. The project has around 100 people working on the conversion and implementation of the new systems. Some of the team members are the program manager, Tasha Smith (whom you are advising to establish the risk management processes); the production manager who is responsible for the current systems and will take over the new systems; a development manager responsible for the gateway program; another development manager responsible for implementing the new systems and managing the conversion plan; the client who will need to maintain current service while the new systems are converted; and the vendor who is helping to implement both systems.
    1. What are some of the categories Tasha might use to identify risks and why?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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