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    what about python ?



    I think you should do CEH certification course 🙂

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    Uladzislau Murashka

    To be a professional hacker, you need experience in development, databases, system administration, compliances & polices, also will be good to pass OSCP or OSCE or GIAC GPEN, or even maybe EC-Council pentesting certification. CEH won’t give you much actually and CEH exam ain’t hard to pass.



    Exactly.. CEH is just basic, all it will teach you is just 2-3% of hacking, and it will build a foundation for you. After CEH, go for higher certs like OSCP.



    Do what Steven E suggest – get those CompTIA certs.

    Then pick a higher profession: Reverse Malware, Digital Forensics, Penetration Testing.

    OSCP gives you nothing but a VPN unknown number of machines that you have to figure out. You might figure them out – you might not – but there is no help in that course. Much of your time will be spent on researching through Google to try to find vulnerabilities that lead to exploits – than leads to you tweaking that exploit to see if it works on your target machine. If it does not – then the whole process starts over. You have to find all this stuff within the purchased time. No one will help you – the forums or the ADMINS will only tell you to TRY HARDER. You are paying them to use their 50 machine VPN network and if you succeed, they mail you a certificate.

    Look at other vendors for concrete instructional courses that will take you from beginner to winner. They will help you – other will help you. You get the training you pay for and the job to continue to master it. OSCP is uses outdated machines due to copyrights. You won’t be hitting Windows 8 and above. Think Windows XP and Server 2003. Even then, they don’t make it obvious where the exploit is. You can waste days until you find a way in and usually what I found was that it was some obscure way that is not introduced or even mentioned in the videos or instruction manual.

    Look at GIAC (very expensive), Mile2 (US base company), or eLearnSecurity (US base company). EC Council has introductory certifications, but nothing like the 3 above that put you through realistic labs that will bring you from the beginning to the end as a trained individual. Plus, the professional reports you need to present to the customers. Total packages.

    I know OSCP is a big one. Those that complete it and have the prior knowledge of how to exploit those various machines and can keep track of all the different nuances – good to go for them – glad they got it – but that course is not for beginners. People knocking out OSCP have a wealth of knowledge going into it. They understand the manipulation of python, they can see the exploit after the initial NMAP scans backed up with NIKTO and DIRB – they know alot before hitting that course. I’ve spending 11 hrs hr each SAT & SUN on the weekends and at least 4 hrs M-F and have done alot of research – seen alot of exploits on similar machines – but not the one I’m working on. Back-n-forth may be realistic for a rogue hacker, but I wanted to succeed in learning the process. IN OSCP you have to write your own – come up with it – tweak it – manipulate it and hope it’s working. So – for 90 days @ $1,150 I’m not getting much out of it that I thought I would.

    Take it for what it is….



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Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)

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