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    As you guys may already know, on the 14th the GDPR has been voted, and it passed!

    How do you think this will change the companies and is this law a challenge for IT managers?

    Although EU companies (handling 5000+ EU citizens’personal data) have 2 years to get compliant, some of them must make big investments relative to their size! They must encrypt everything, make sure they’ve got an appropriate access control, hire a data protection officer…

    Do you guys think changes should be made gradually? Or just wait for a year and a half and do all in a hurry?



    Start evaluating your data now and possible GDPR requirements.

    In addition the NIS Directive is almost in its final stage which focus on Security Incidents and subsequent breach notification, both of these frameworks although not directly tied have a major impact on each other.

    NIS Directive will define how companies report breaches to national CSIRTs, the GDPR will define how you protect that data leveraging Data Protection Principles.

    Have a look at the following link:

    Back to your original question, companies should start evaluating their current security controls which are used to provide data protection, and look at new controls which will adhere to GDPR in 2 years.

    The primary carrot and stick here is the level of financial penalties which will be applied if companies not implemented GDPR



    Thanks for the answer. I imagine a whole lot of small companies won’t put money aside and do the research needed, until it’s almost about time. But the EU might extend the deadline or do some kind of compromise, if there are too many non-compliant companies. I’ve heard recently that there’s been such a compromise with the upgrade of SSL and early TLS to a latest/secure version (in terms of PCI compliance), altgough the governing body may not be within the EU.



    I agree to gfitzp

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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