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    It never hurts to take a cert so long as you have the appropriate time to prepare. Just remember that these two certs are significantly different in that the CEH is book knowledge and the OSCP is practical hands on knowledge. If you have the time and ability then both will be a great addition to your knowledge base and your toolbox.


    AWESOME JOB! Congrats on the accomplishment. Please share with us your experience with the CEH test! 🙂


    Reazul Islam

    @tkdlove …. CEH is a good start for Cyber Security Field. It gives me lots of knowledge about cyber security as well as it introduces lots of tools that can be used to attack anyone & can be used to protect yourself as well as. Yeah there are lots of theory in this course which may help us to understand where/who is the security challenge for us :p

    I have completed authorized training for CEHv9 & also studied the “CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide”
    by Kimberly Graves !!!

    before exam, I also studied some dumps as well as but most the questions were conceptual….



    @tkdlove thank you for the answer.
    And I have another question:

    Which are the security certifications that I can take without years of job in the sector?
    I know that there are CEH, OSCP, CompTIa Security+ and GIAC certifications such as GSEC and GPEN but they seem to be useless for me because I have studied almost everything at the University.



    Well there is a problem in your assumption. Certs are a great method to prove skill. I am talking about the hands on cert OSCP OSWA PTPv4 etc… These are end game certs. You will WANT and need these to further your career. These are symbols to employers that you have shown or proven a level of knowledge and understanding. University won’t mean much except help open a few doors. Most of us in the industry that I know didn’t go to Uni for this at all… Hell I’m a political science major lol.
    Certs are important as they “prove” ability and that only covers the hands on certs. But all certs mean something to future or current employers so I would say the more the better for your own benefit and prospects.



    Thank you @tkdlove, so I will take as much as possible

    ps: I also love tkd =)






    I highly recommend to OSCP and OSWP if you want hands on experience with pentesting. I learned a lot from those courses about testing as well as how to think outside the box. At times you’ll feel defeated, but other times you’ll be on cloud 9. I’ve had them for 3 years, though I’m not in the pentesting field, I’m glad I took them. If I can find the time, I plan on taking OSCE.






    Congrats on your PASS! I recently earned the CEH and I agree, it is a great entry level certification to achieve with a theoretical approach and is recommended before attempting the OSCP journey.

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)

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