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    Reazul Islam

    Dear Cybrary,

    Thank you very much to give us this opportunity for learning online.

    Please go wth EC Council & bring their some courses here.

    It will be very helpful for us.



    While I’m not trying to knock a certification, CEH is mostly theory and concepts, and won’t really make you a “hacker” that the certification implies. One of my buddies is not very technical, and he holds a CEH. Yes, I do realize that a lot of places hold the CEH in regard, but if you want a useful certification, you’d be better pursuing the OSCP, as the only way you’d obtain that certification is by actually using the tools to get in and compromise a network.


    Reazul Islam

    Thnx for ur reply #creno13. yea OSCP is great course for getting knowledge in hacking but CEH is also good one I think. & there are lots of tools in that course. So it might be nice practical course.



    Both courses are good.


    Reazul Islam

    I think so 🙂 @cybermo



    The main issue faced in the cyber security world is proving you have the skills necasary to protect the individual/organisation. This can come in many forms, some need a more theoretical approach and others need more hands on. This changes on the nature of the client and as a result a lot of certs have sprung up. This also makes it hard to choose which to dedicate time to that will result in better employment and future progression.

    The next issue is I personally have no answers as to which one you should or shouldnt pursue. I guess its having some fun learning the sylabus and going from there. The main thing I focus on is how the cert will improve my job and future progression should I have it.






    which course will give me practical experience in hacking..??




    I can see why the title of the exam is misleading. Nowadays (Especially in the Tech World), when we hear the term “Hacker”, we expect them to be great at everything pertaining to hacking. However, there is so much that goes into it, and so many methods to master, that it could take years before being considered great by certain people. I met some people at DefCon that were extremely efficient @ single offensive tasks, but wanted to tap into the Pen Testing market as a whole. Some guys were kind of degrading the CEH cert, while others recommended it as a great starting point. I think it’s a great starting point before moving towards the OSCP.


    Reazul Islam

    thnx @rmadridjr for ur cmnts 🙂



    CEH is a good entry level certification if you want to continue your career as pen tester.
    Certainly would not make you pen tester straight away, but its a good start.
    Having passed the CEH v7, 3 years ago I can speak from experience. I find it very useful in my current work. I work as a system admin and perform the duties of security admin also as we don’t have position for security yet, so this exam and the learning I have done for it is quite useful. But for sure, if you have CEH is does not mean you can hack any system, you can know enough to protect them but if your goal is to be top pen tester you should strive to get something like OSCP down the road.



    I second
    When they launched their course a few years ago there was a phrase that summed up the course pretty well: “it’s what the CEH should have been”
    The CEH course is all theory with a multiple choice exam. It’s definitely a good course to do if you’re starting out in Security but I would say that the eLearnSecurity courses are better but sadly less recognised.


    Reazul Islam

    I know about that @kappag. But it costly 🙁



    I am currently enrolled in eLearnSecurity’s PTSv3 and PTPv4, the pentesting student and certified pentester. They are both great courses, however, without a background in security fundamentals (Sec+) and vulnerability fundamentals I would be lost. The CEHv9 is a great test of the knowledge. All theory can lead to application and I get really aggravated when I hear people say “Just get the OSCP” like you can just throw down and knock it out.

    Take the CEH and get it under your belt. It is highly worth it, plus lots of businesses look for the CEH 🙂


    Reazul Islam


    thnx for ur suggestion dear 😀





    MD Khurshid Alam

    Need help for drafting the line of question going to be ask by the panel of staff
    for penetration testing.



    So, do you recommend to take both OSCP and CEH?


    Reazul Islam

    cracked the CEHv9 😀 😀 😀

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 29 total)

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