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    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if any of you share a feeling I have right now with the ubiquitous virtualization technologies available, my feeling is now there is more demand to be skilled in more than one field, even if I see many IT Pros still in their silos, but I think that with virtualization of compute, network, storage, apps and beyond it is very valuable to get at least some grounds in every arena, how do you feel about that, is that overwhelming for some? Thanks.



    Sure, since the whole IT World is undergoing a revolution we should stick our heads outside and learn more. It ain’t overwhelming. JUST another ADVENTURE.



    Thanks for your reply Haykinz, I like your approach better, it’s a fun adventure I might add, for us that enjoy our jobs, reading back my post when I said overwhelming it seems like something bad, but I really meant it in a good way, since I love learning, is like there is a bunch of stuff waiting for me, the hard time I have is deciding what to learn first.



    Excellent question hey…
    I.T is growing so fast every minute of every day,apart
    from just doing and focusing on what you know you have
    to adventure on and realise there is just soooo much more
    to learn and perfect its a never ending challenge thats awesome
    and keeps your mind active and open to new ideas and ways to
    approach challenges within the I.T Sector so my anwser is Definetly
    Yes the more you gain experience in different environments within I.T the
    more liekly you are to obtain an excellent job and advance in your career.




    6 years ago, I was an expert in virtualization technologies which included deep knowledge of hypervisors, storage, networking and performance – all related to virtualization..
    However i’ve since worked in Cloud – which unfortunately removes the need to have deep knowledge of hypervisors, storage, networking etc… as these technologies are being offers XaaS today by the large compute vendors.

    For all IT Pro’s who want to remain technical – should have conceptual understanding of Virtualization, Networking, Storage etc… but not necessarily focus on a specific technology.
    IT is turning these technologies into a commodity, with focus moving towards software development, service orientated architectures and now moving towards serverless architectures – (your process runs as code on top of a Cloud Platform)

    I suggest/recommend you think about where you see technology going in 5 years from now,
    personally i’ve not touched a server/hypervisor/san/switch in 4 years – and i believe the future will be IoT and Serverless architectures following SOA models.






    I agree with this all. Thanks for the original question @angut… I am overwhelmed (in a good way) so much to learn but not sure which direction to take and in which order. I am thinking about looking at some VMware certs even though my main focus is information security

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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