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    Franck KAMGAING




    O.. Come on… These videos are just for beginners to introduce them to Linux os



    Really basic course, did not learn anything new from the videos.
    I wish there will be a more advanced course in the future.



    What I did was watched the videos, okay some are comical! 🙂

    I’m not sure with Ubuntu but you can have or remove sudo on other distros, it looked like he was used to another Linux distro and not Ubuntu – it was like he was playing guessing commands – I’m not brilliant at Linux, I’ve only worked on Linux servers, setting them up, importing databases, rebuilding PHP, setting up Apache, etc. But I was mainly employed to fix databases with SQL Injected code, some were easy others took hours.

    The majority of hit so far on this Linux course I thought was really easy, but I guess it really depends on how much you know initially, I should hardly think it would cover Linux servers which is the level I am around.

    I noticed courses on Kali Linux – so I’ll probably throw that on VMware Workstation as well.

    I got plenty of dam space now, I had an SSD HD, good for speed but not when they burn-out a few days ago! Lost some data, but a majority was backed up anyway!

    Fire these 3 keywords in to Google:
    unbuntu linux toolbox
    It will come back with many books and a lot of preview material thats free to learn from, the Ubuntu Toolbox and over 1,000 commands – think that will give me an headache.



    wow I thought I was the only one with this feeling

    cybrary has been helping me a lot, I’ve understand inumerous concepts about cybersecurity with it, things that I couldn’t understand by my own. Unfortunately I’ll have to look elsewhere to continue studying linux, I really like cybrary.

    I use kali on my daily basis, it is a great debian based distro for “normal” use, and it has a lot of tools that I hope to master soon and I learn how to use linux by searching and comprehending the system as I need to.

    For the record, I think greg is a nice person and teacher he is indeed a high qualified person, but not for linux classes

    sorry for my bad english



    I completed this course and in my opinion the course consists of very basic issues. But, as a other members are mentioned, this course is free and prepare for the beginners. Also expression skills of the Greg Stuart is not better than Anthony Harris. But thanks Greg for his labour.



    It seemed to me Greg was getting mixed up between Linux distros.. All are different slightly, but the Linux course was simple, and its like I have been told, there is more linux in some of the other courses, which you have not probably done yet.



    Good to read that I was not alone to think this training was poor.
    But as said tusharrawat1993, this is a training for (very) beginners.
    So I simply watch and then go to other free trainings, but still on Cybrary.



    I guess if you looked at Linux from a beginners perspective, then it would be beneficial since you do learn about file and folder owner and group permissions, editing text documents via a command prompt was covered well.
    Best way to learn Linux I found was by looking up commands or find a website dedicated to Linux – there’s many commands, if you wish to take a better look on just how powerful Linux can be.

    When I worked for a webhosting company the first thing you learn is Linux so you can get in to the root then in to specific accounts, but the times I used to get asked how you import a database into MySQL using Linux was mad. It seems that the technical team before I come along used an sql dumper which kept all the database dumps below 50Mb so it could be handled by phpMyAdmin. At first I thought they were joking, but there was 4 tech guys and none of them knew how to create a sql dump or even import one using just Linux..

    Is it just me, or is Digital Anthropology creating a generation that does not know how anything works? How many teens these days can change a fuse in a plug? You’ll be surprised by how many can’t, after leaving school.

    I can’t even remember if the WGET command was covered, it Monday that’s my excuse! 🙂



    Thanks for the comments, I was about to start this course



    I started viewing this as more of a refresher of Linux basics but almost immediately struggled with watching the videos. I thought the general attitude that he has is very off putting. I can constantly hear the yawns in his voice and the effort just really wasn’t there. Some people have that knack for teaching/training, while others just seem bored while doing it.

    No, this course will definitely not help with the Linux+ exam prep, so maybe it should be categorized differently as more of a “first look” at Linux type thing.



    I loved Greg’s videos. Why did he choose Ubuntu? It is basically like using OSX( he even says that); CentOS or Fedora may of been better choices as they are RHEL related and a free added perk.

    No a complaint at all, just an observation. Thanks again for the Resources Cybrary.



    The video as you ve all said,is for beginners but the only challenge I have concerning the lesson is that after completion of the course,you can’t replay(watch it again)which suppose not to be so.
    Cybrary try and please do something about that,for future use of the student


    Ferdi Bak

    I also watched most video’s. It is really a basic linux course and very okay if you’re new to linux since it’s free. For a good exam preparation the videos are not suitable.



    I think this videos are good to begin and get the basics. The same with ComtITA A+ videos, if you have the knowledge already.

    Maybe the Linux+ starts where a complete windows user starts with linux. So Ubuntu is a safe choice. I started with openSUSE and hated it, back in 1999… Then I give it a try with Ubuntu and haven’t go back to windows again. From ubuntu 10 to bohdi, puppy, elemantary, debian and now Mint & Antix (MX version seems the best).

    The only think I relly don’t like in videos where the VM use, in linux you have some free. But it could be an advertise because the lessons are, after all, free.


    Valeriy Shevtsov

    I hope you will support me if I propose to rename this course to Linux Essentials.
    This is not a Linux+/LPIC-1 course, obviously, and anyone who is a bit familiar with Linux is sleeping on the keyboard while listening. And also there are many mistakes and typos in the videos…
    If you compare this course with the LPI Linux Essentials (010-150) course (https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/linux-essentials-lpi), for example, you will find them very similar.

    Kudos for Greg, a slight punch for the editor(s).



    @ Valeriy : I agree. “Linux+” made me feel like it was focused for the CompTIA certificate. I agree Essentials, Basic, or Baseline would be a better title.

    @all : Keep in mind, I never said I didn’t appreciate the training. I was only providing my review of the material. I did find some value, it just wasn’t the “expected” value.

    @ Greg and CYBRARY : Thanks for the educational opportunities you provide.



    The point is : Greg’s videos are good material for taking the exam for Linux+ ?



    I was looking to improve my command line skills so I decided to listen this course but starting from the first lessons Greg showed more interest in showing the GUI as he is not a “command line guy” … how can you train on Linux+ without taking the hard way …. I have a book about the Linux+ and basically all the skills required are “command line based” …
    Better to get a book or look at the youtube videos from “the Urban Pinguin”

    Cybrary.it should stay focused on Cyber Security



    I have also watched the Linux+ course because I want to get certified and actually Linux+ is a certification. However the course will in no way prepare you for the exam. It is really a very basic course with only little content – despite of the length. It is ok to provide a course for beginners but then it should be also promoted as such and not as Linux+!

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