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    That was a free training! We can contribute to the cybrary by publishing at OP3N.
    I’ve just to thank Greg for the initiative…



    I was almost not going to take the linux+ training because of this post but wanted to add to this thread so others can read.

    Yes, this class is very basic.
    Don’t have any or have minimal linux experience?
    This IS your class.
    Learn from it – understand the basics. Linux is totally different then windows; there are many details in this class that are needed. If you use linux because your a security minded person, you very well might learn a few things.

    When watching these classes, if 10% of the information learned was helpful, I consider the class a success. I couldn’t imagine this class getting you more then 25% though the exam but heck …its free … the presenter took his time to create the videos – I conclude with thanking him for his time.



    I am going through all the modules in Linux+. Yes they aren’t that perfect and contains some errors but I guess Cybrary’s free tutorial they’re all worth it. You can gain enough knowledge I think. Just my opinion though.



    I’ve watched half of the videos and while there are a few mistakes, I do remind myself that they are free and that someone took the time to create these videos. I think Greg did a superb job overall. These videos are definitely entry level. I’m not an expert, but I work in my professional career and use Red Hat every day. It might have been good to have had someone review Greg’s video’s before being uploaded to Cybrary. Again, it’s easy to be an arm chair quarterback. My kudos to Greg for his hard work.

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    urm. give the guy a break, sure there are some interesting perceptions, but i learned a few things, and are grateful for the opportunity, thank you Cybrary.it for making it possible !


    Sabir Inamdar

    After I had completed watching all the videos, I jumped over to the CompTIA’s practice labs to just test out. 80% of the practice questions weren’t even covered in the videos. I really appreciate the contribution of Cybrary.it towards the IT community and for beginners who are interested in taking up IT courses. But this Linux+ course on cybrary covers very basic stuff about using linux. A lot more concepts need to be studied in order to pass the exam which were not at all covered in the Videos.

    Appreciate the effort taken by the Instructor. Thank You.

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    yeah ,



    It was a good general over view of Linux, and he states in the video about exam prep that this was not intended to be used to ready you for the exam. I appreciate Greg taking the time to make these videos. If they didn’t help you or you thought they needed to be more in depth, make new videos. If someone has a outline or curriculum that will prep someone to take the Linux+ or LPIC1, make a video. I’m sure Cybrary would be glad to post it here as well. This is a free resource, it only gets better if we contribute and build on it.



    I just started watching Linux+ videos. I already completed Module 1 a few hours ago. tbh videos were good and understandable so far.



    What’s the quality for the Linux videos?



    Give credit where credit is due, I have developed and presented classes at a couple of the Community Colleges as well as state and federal government groups. It is not easy developing a class, and honestly Greg is presenting without the visual feedback of live students, the body language of the class steers the presentation for me. I don’t think that I could present to a camera. Additionally I have watched other Linux classes and Greg has so far been better at keeping my interest, I am currently in module three.


    Himmat Singh Bhati

    I think its good for the beginners but not for those who are already aware with Linux.



    For Beginners, this course is good, you can have a little taste of Linux and try this book for more detailed information on basics “The Linux® Command Line by William E. Shotts, Jr.” afterwards there are lot of books to improve your further knowledge.

    For Intermediate Linux Users, i may suggest playing with bash scripting.
    For Advance Linux Users, you can try to build your own flavor of Linux from scratch. (If you have build one, you might be smart enough to go through lecture Table of Contents before going through course.)

    “Knowledge is only better when shared. So, if you know more please step up and share your knowledge in OP3N section with all the community.”

    “Giving feedback is easy, providing free knowledge is not.”



    All the guys who are new to Linux don’t go and buy the VM software there is a free alternative by the name of VirtualBox check it out!!



    found this thread looking for a place to comment after hearing the guy tell me that the hosts file is not persistent. nice to know im not the only one who was confused!

    the resolv.conf file is the one that is usually overwritten on startup. any changes you want to make to that should be done in resolvconf.conf which is used to generate resolv.conf

    this was actually the first cybrary video i tried to watch, and to be honest it has scared me away.

    i also found it weird when he mentioned “there’s 3 kinds of editors… nano.. vi..” ok and emacs, right? but then he pauses and mentions nano/vi again but not emacs.

    ok.. its free, but that is no excuse imo. they make it seem like it is a professionally put together course by cybrary staff. is it? who is this Greg Stuart guy? does anybody proof read the material? this is advertised as a course for CompTIA Linux+ training, but by the sounds of it, it falls far short of that.

    dont get my wrong, i love the idea of this site. it is freakin awesome. information should be free! but giving out bad information is a quick way for it to get a bad reputation and fail.

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    Greg Stuart
    is a vExpert and systems administrator/network administrator by trade, who has worked a slew of IT jobs in his career. He’s put his time in with certification training, obtaining A+, Network+, Security+, MCP, CCNA, VCP4, VCP5 and NCDA. He now works as an IT consultant and runs the blogs, vDestination and vLATAM .
    Don’t see any background in Linux!

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    We have a saying, “It is what it is”. It is a very basic intro course on the Linux+.

    As many have pointed out his errors on command line and using Ubuntu I’ll add this. Yes there are errors but the Linux+ and LPIC is vendor neutral and aspires to test the candidate on a wide range of distributions. The other alternative is to go for a exam that is distro specific like RedHat. Every fork from every distro does something a little bit different from its parent. That’s just the way it is.

    I personally have started and stopped on Linux Certification many times because of job situations, time, other constraints but I always come back to Linux because I always have a hope of working with Linux for a career. Learning Linux for certification has its ups and down but the best way to learn it is watch videos, paid and free. Books, paid and free. Hands on Labs is a must. There are plenty of resources for this on the web. Greg mentions some of this in the module “CompTIA Linux+ Certification Exam Preparation”.
    The material on Cybrary is free and is just one resource and Greg gives his credentials at the beginning of the course. I know plenty of Linux/Unix Admins that don’t have any certifications and have worked in the job for years. For the old Linux Guru Admin if approached by someone looking for easy answers he would grumble RTFM (Read The Flipping Manual!). Is it wrong? Maybe. But each candidate is responsible for their own training. If what you have doesn’t work move on and look for something that does. Greg’s videos are just one piece of the puzzle.
    It is what it is.
    Another saying. Trails and Tribulations are mandatory. Suffering is Optional.

    Thanks Cybrary and Greg for what you have done and will do.

    Good Day

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    Just wanted to add this link on learning Linux. Please forgive and remove this post if it violates your policy.
    Learn Linux

    The Linux Juggernaut
    Scroll down to Conrad “This is what I tell people to do, who ask me “how do I learn to be a Linux sysadmin?”.”

    And there many others.



    I’m bright, shiny and new to linux. I’ve got to throw in my $.02 and say that I am very grateful for what cybrary and Mr.Stuart have offered, as I see no other way I could have afforded access to such great information without them. I will likely never get the chance to be CompTIA certified Linux+, but I am learning the things that I have long wanted to know to get my feet wet and get me started down the right road with linux. Further, I have found access to more in depth information in the forums and elsewhere on this site than I could find compiled anywhere else! I wonder at how my life would be different had I had a site like this available to me twenty years ago, and am so thankful I have this resource available to me today. As I learn more and gain more experience I may someday find fault with some few of the things presented to me on this website, but you’d be hard pressed to ever hear me say so. I’ve already learned more in the past week I’ve been a member of this site than I had ever dreamed possible. Thank you, Cybrary team!



    Hi All, I share the exact sentiments with aeonflux. Keep up the great work Greg and the Rest of Cybrary Team !

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