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    I’m really not sure if these Linux+ videos were for comical purposes or if they were supposed to actually be for training purposes.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched several Cybrary.IT training videos and enjoyed them and learned from them. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that Greg Stuart has any Linux experience. I don’t consider myself a Linux expert, but I have used it at a beginner’s capacity.
    It was difficult for me to determine if your videos were a “satire”. There was way too much wrong information in these Linux+ videos, but I’m going to continue to watch them with hopes to find a couple of Gems that I can use to increase my knowledge on Linux.
    To name a few errors: 1. hosts file not persistent? Yes it is. 2. hosts file read-only? No it isn’t; you just didn’t “W” or write/save changes.
    I see the definition of “insanity” as you type the same command over-and-over expecting different results.


    Zachary Keeton

    I watched all the videos.

    Sure, they’re not perfect. But I’m going to appreciate the free lessons.

    Cybrary is a growing community. Perhaps once our linux skills get stronger, we can contribute our own videos.


    Josh Harmon

    The one thing that drove me nuts:

    16-20GB swap (for an 8GB RAM system) is insane. If you believe you’re going to run over your RAM by enough to necessitate that, then you flat-out need more RAM. Spinning disk IO is waaaay slower (and so your applications will suffer accordingly), and wasting precious SSD space on swap of this size is ridiculous. Matching the RAM would make sense if you wanted to be able to hibernate for whatever reason.

    Red Hat’s recommendation in their RHEL 7 Storage Administration Guide would up to 10GB for the 8GB-RAM example. Still seems high to me, but it’s Red Hat’s thoughts.

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by  Josh Harmon.



    We understand your arguments, and we know that our courses have a few errors, but like @zkeeton said, they’re not perfect, but they are free. We also hope and encourage our members to contribute back to the community. If you have knowledge in certain areas, please share with us and the entire community on Cybrary, by publishing to 0P3N, or sending us your own videos. We always appreciate feedback and contributions to the knowledge bank.


    Nic Edwards

    This is pretty poor in my opinion. I am relatively new to Linux but there were times even I shouted at the screen why Greg’s simple commands werent working. Does this course really get your ready for the exams? or is it supposed to scratch the surface and the trainee then does 90% of the study using the reference materials? It’s not at all clear.


    prince viper

    lets contribute our knowledge through cybrary 0p3n, no one is an island of knowledge.



    Well, I think Greg tries to teach the basics of linux with Ubuntu, which is a error.

    Ubuntu has its infamous NetworkManager which ignores both resolv.conf and hosts. One must first disable it in order to make work normal networking.

    He also should first explain the the multi-user purpose and the use of sudo, in order to be able to write on /etc with other non-root user, so perhaps he could write those files…

    I just began to watch those videos, and the level is very very basic, I hope they will increase on difficulty and finally learn something new (for me). I do not want to disparage Greg and I think it’s a lot of work what he did, but perhaps he should review his videos and reorder some ideas to let begginers be better introduced to linux.



    @malevolent yeah, that’s the problem I have with Ubuntu. Why can’t they just do stuff “the linux way”?
    sure, write GUI’s if you want to, but don’t touch what’s behind them.



    I have to agree with the OP’s sentiments in this case. Instructor was uncomfortable and clumsy on the command line, and the subtleties in the way he explained some things and spoke about them lead me to believe he isn’t overly familiar with how things actually work under the hood. Also, a handful of not best practices, some downright incorrect information (that passwd file explanation?), and skipping over a lot of how Linux works. It’s at least a decent intro to the basic utilities/commands though.



    I appreciate what others have commented about this being free, and I don’t take that for granted.
    I really do not like to criticise, but this course contains too many errors. It is overly long for what it teaches, and has repeated mistakes (which should at least have been edited out). It also suggests bad practices.

    Cybrary wants to be taken seriously, but to do this it relies on its Subject Matter Experts – and on this course they are let down.

    The most crucial point I have here is that I have friends who want to learn Linux, but I cannot recommend this course to them…



    I agree, additionally within the first 15 mins he recommended we purchase $100’s worth of stuff…this course actually put me off Cybrary altogether.

    Misinformation can be worse that no information. I really appreciate what Cybrary is doing, and have made financial contributions to support this idea, but if there isn’t a quality control I will look elsewhere.



    Linux+ is not part of the certifications the instructor holds?
    Anyway I hope the comments are wrong, haven’t watched the videos yet and was just about to..

    If you guys looking for a great video-tutorials on basic UNIX commands. I actually recommend Kevin Skoglund’s “Unix-for-Mac-OS-X-Users”. You’ll find it after a search on your favorite search engine. Even though it says Mac OS X, it’s the same commands for both Linux and Mac OS X as both is UNIX-based systems and very few differences in the terminal.



    JoshH, 16 – 20GB RAM for an 8GB RAM system is perfect if you plan to use “suspend to disk” functionality….it is not at all rediculous……we have a saying where I come from, “The shield for wisdom is silence,” or somthing like that.



    I’ve been a casual linux user for 15 years. This course was a, eh.. sub-par.
    I would have suggested students to run a distro like DSL (Damn Small Linux) from a live USB – just to get your feet wet.
    Then get right down to the common applications and then to the command line, install some software with sudo apt-get install … etc.
    It’s free, but he’s telling people to buy VM for $250 and another machine for $150… seems counter to everything linux stands for.



    I take it back, he does teach the command line… and very well too. The course rambles on for eternity though with little overall structure and not sure how if it could help me pass the test.



    Well, I think the course is very good for beginners and have to admire the fact that they are free and can be learned from one place rather than looking up on youtube.



    While I haven’t watched the videos as I am currently studying for the CCNA (the videos of which are second to none), I would say that anyone complaining about a free resource should think about contributing improved content.

    As others have pointed out the resource is free, and they are open to people sending in their own content to contribute to the site. A little action goes a long way towards helping the community as a whole, a lot of complaining can have a detrimental effect of those that are willing to provide content.

    Either way, I’m sure we all do appreciate what Cybrary is trying to achieve and I hope they succeed.



    “Sorry. Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.” is all I get. :/



    It is actual for the EXAM ?
    – Because EXT4 is mostly use now.

    I’m not sure how to change the background into Ubuntu is a EXAM Question 😉

    But, overall the course is not to bad.

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    After finishing the course and start some LPIC videos, i’ll say to be gentle
    this series is a light overview of Linux+.
    – Ubuntu : compile is own command, so you will not have the same result in other OS
    – LPIc Videos focus more in CentOS/RedHat which is normal because is more ENTreprise
    – LPIc Videos, go way more further with VI, analyzing Logs and …

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