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    The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated industries on the market when it comes to information security. Ever since HIPAA was introduced, healthcare providers have strict and firm standards to follow regarding managing patients’ information and other sensitive data. Having that set of standards is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean all businesses in the industry can comply with those standards right away.

    The biggest challenge actually lies in getting the basic information protection and cybersecurity measures in place. The measures we are about to discuss in this article are perfect starting points for cybersecurity professionals wanting to enter the healthcare industry as well as business owners who are struggling with information security basics.

    Develop a Culture of Security

    The most important element to have as a foundation for better information security is not the right software or complicated hardware, it is actually the right culture. After years of being unaware – even ignorant – about information security, changing the way medical professionals handle information isn’t easy.

    To set up the right culture of security, proper security policies need to be put in place. The presence of a comprehensive healthcare information management system and other supporting apps is only for making these policies easier to understand and implement.

    Get Employees Involved

    Getting key medical professionals involved in the process of securing sensitive information is also a must. By having employees involved in the process from the start, they will feel more responsible about the implementation of the system and ensuring maximum data security.

    There are plenty of opportunities for employees to get involved too. You can discuss the systems to use, how they can be best implemented, and the policies needed to support the use of those systems in everyday operations.

    Employees are the ones using the systems you implement and handling patients’ information. They actually have a lot of insight about how a good set of systems must function based on the existing workflow and processes.

    Think Integration

    There are a lot of great solutions to choose from when it comes to healthcare cybersecurity. As mentioned before, the introduction of HIPAA sparked a wave of IT companies creating healthcare solutions that follow the set standards.
    Some systems are meant to handle specific functions. The medical imaging management system doesn’t always handle the management of electronic health records or EHRs. Imaging data must be channeled to a separate EHR system for further processing.

    This is where integration is also a must. Never buy into a solution that cannot be integrated seamlessly with the rest of your workflow. The HIPAA compliant texting solution you use, for example, needs to integrate well with the mobile device management (MDM) solution you use.

    Have Clear Objectives

    Last but certainly not least, always have clear objectives in mind when implementing security measures and new solutions. You can aim for better operations, higher efficiency, the reduction of data breaches, and other goals.
    With a clear goal in mind, you have the basics covered. The rest is just a matter of finding a solution (or solutions) that best match the medical practice’s specific needs and requirements.

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