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    hello guys . my dream is to become a cyber security professional , the thing is that i’m still on my ccna 2 and i don’t know what road to take to reach my goal there are no universities in my country that teach cyber security so i will have to learn on my own and also aim to pass certifications , so guys i’m still learning so tell me is this web site on it’s own enough ? what certifications should i aim for what programming languages do i need ? any information would be great thanks . i really love the networking word and ready to use my knowledge for good



    Here’s a nice overview about the certifications, it helped me a lot:

    Hope I could help you.


    Paul Rouk

    Cybrary is an excellent resource, but it definitely isn’t sufficient on its own as preparation for a career in IT security. You should take what you learn in the classes here and then expand on that knowledge with information from other sources. Getting hands-on experience with various technologies is especially important. As you go through the classes, you should begin to get a feel for which areas interest you the most and what specialty you would be best at. You should adjust your future training plans based these interests and what will support your career goals.

    The link below is offering a free eBook called “A Beginner’s Guide to Information Security.” This is a series of short essays on different areas in IT security and is probably the best introductory guide I’ve come across.



    @paul Rouk

    I was just scrolling through this and had the same question. I tried downloading the free eBook you provided but it tells me a log-in is required. Would you happen to have another link to the book? Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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