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    This is the official Forum thread for the showcase and development of C.I Tool-Kit the professional Python3 edition to NoobSec Tool-Kit. This project has the goal of Automating complex security tasks with an extremely easy to use interface that can can be launched from any Debian based Linux distribution. Development has been on going for over 7 months now, and it’s getting close to it’s first release!

    Unlike NSTool-Kit , C.I Tool-Kit will not be free of charge and around 80% of the code is compiled and hidden but will be sold on a per license basis, with a limited distribution of 100 copies of the Tool-Kit for the first month of it’s release.

    Some of the current features of C.I Toolkit
    PRO Edition
    Toolkit Options:
    1. (sqlscan) SQL Injection Vulnerability scanner
    2. (sqli) SQL Injector
    3. (vulscan) Vulnerability Scanner
    4. (dinfo) Gather Basic Domain Info
    5. (apf) Admin Page Finder
    6. (discover) Information Harvester
    7. (hashtype) Identify Hash Type
    8. (hexconv) Hex encoder and decoder!
    9. (converters) Web Converters
    10.(dping) DOS/Ping Target For 1,000 Seconds
    11.(stegattack) Steghide Dictionary Attacker
    12.(steghide) Install, Learn and Use Steghide
    13.(uihanalysis) Intrusion Analysis (URL,IP,HASH)
    14.(exif) Image Metadata Extractor and Remover
    15.(osint) aids in the process of information gathering
    16.(ciphertext) Cipher and De-Cipher Text
    17.(portscan) Scan for Open ports in target system
    18.(localports) Scans for open Local Network Ports
    19.(noobpasswd) Key/Password cracking tools
    20.(wle) WikiLeaks Email Downloader (BETA)
    21.(toolbox) Extra Set of Tools
    Security Options:
    1.(macspoof) Spoof Mac Address
    2.(itor) install Tor
    3.(stor) Start Tor
    4.(tors) Check Tor Status
    5.(vpn)  VPN Launcher 
    6.(encdns) Encrypt DNS
    7.(anonsearch) Anonymous TOR routed web search
    (quit) - (home) - (clear)-(update)

    Keeping in mind that C.I Tool-Kit is built with ease of use in mind, anyone from a student to a professional in the area of security can boot and start using the Toolkit within seconds!

    OTHER PROJECTS WORKED ON: Desktop Application
    InterCuba.Net: Web Steg Tool, Web Proxy, VPN Client development, crypto tools.

    Thank you for taking the time to check out my latest project (C.I Tool-Kit). -Krintoxi

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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