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    Peer Aaqib

    Started learning today cloud



    have fun!


    Peer Aaqib




    I have just started Cloud+. I took some notes in the notes box and saved them with the save button. Where can I find them?
    Thank you

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    Began Cloud+ training today. I’m excited as this is my first cert.



    I will start cloud+ this week



    Just finished the Cloud+ course. If that is what is covered on the cert exam, I’m ready today. I was ready before taking the course. It didn’t seem geared toward cloud technology at all, but rather a general overview of networking. Also, the slide in Module 1 never advanced off of SAN, even though the instructor spent 14 minutes talking about other technologies. The instructor’s delivery and pronunciation was poor, and some of the acronyms were incorrectly defined. I recommend scrapping this course and starting over.



    Overall a useful class with a decent foundation overview and coverage of some basic terminology. But the presentation left a LOT to be desired: spelling on the slides was embarrassing. “Devise” for “device”, “premise” for “premises”, “cheep” for “cheap”, etc. Some words were out of order and some were even missing from sentences. Plus, there were several times the enunciation was so poor I had to rewind/replay just to get a context clue what he was saying. As someone had previously mentioned, a rewrite and redo is in order.



    Agree with previous two posters – the content and delivery of the Cloud+ course needs work. It clearly wasn’t shot in one take so when going back and editing why not redo the mispronunciations? A quick scan of the slides should have sorted those spelling errors too; I’m trying to be as constructive as I can in my criticism as if it was me I’d want to know where to improve, but it just seems to have been basic mistakes made.

    I’m new to a lot of this but if this is the knowledge required to pass the Cloud+ certification I’m stunned there was only really one module that properly covered cloud.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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