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    @echezona — Several aspects here

    1) Why are you asking about NAC? Is there something you are trying to prevent? When I secure a network I first try to classify all my data and resources (what am I trying to protect). NIST has some great documents on conducting a risk assessment but my point is first worry about what you are trying to protect and what from. That will help you decide on the how.

    2) The Cisco switching do offer some port security features that can be helpful.

    You could also compartmentalize your key resources by moving accounting servers on their own VLAN and so forth.

    3) If you are more concerned about new switches, make sure you upgrade your firmware per Cisco stable recommendations and don’t forget to secure the management plane by only using SSH/HTTPS to manage devices. Lock down access to management stations (you can reserve your workstation in DHCP if you want to lock down to you).

    4) If you are trying to better protect your endpoints, make sure hosts have AV installed, get patched and have appropriate AV policies. Symantec does also offer a NAC as well as Microsoft. Don’t forget the good a comprehensive group policy could do to also improve host security.



    Thank you smeek







Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)

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