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    Hii…Im taking CompTIA A+ course…..I wonder if the certificate which I receive from cybrary is of any value……I dont know if it really is considered to be a qualification to get a decent job…I mean not just A+…suppose I did many courses……Is it that I should write an exam on the courses I take on cybrary to be considered as a person with qualification or the certificate which I receive from cybrary is an alternate of me writing exams on these courses locally….?



    The Cybrary certificate, it’s only because you attended the course, but if you want the A+ or other certificate need to do the final exam at CompTia



    In short, if you want the CompTIA A+ you must sit for the exam with PearsonVUE.
    CompTIA exams are recognized worldwide and worth the time and effort, hence why so many companies want them and websites offering training.

    Cybrary has a great system that is fun, motivational, free, but for now it is just an awesome training aid. Although, if you can get your boss to recognize the CEUs listed then that would be a bonus! I always let my boss know how I am expanding my skills.

    Grace and Peace,



    Thank you so much guys………..Is there a online version of the exam?
    Are there many more things which i should know other than whats covered in cybrary videos to write the exam or is it that cybrary courses are enough for me to write the exam successfully?
    in other words,are cybrary videos just an overview of the curriculum ?so that i should go read a big textbook to write the exam? or I will be able to successfully write the exam just by watching these videos?



    The exam is proctored, in person. I think it goes in this order: A+, Network+, then Security+. Each leads into the next one. If you grok the material for A+, Network+ and Security+ you will be employable to work for the Department of Defense for basic security type work. But you’ll probably need a Certificate/Certification to apply to work for them (Security+ is the only one of those that matters in security, Network+ basically just prepares you to work in IT to fix general network problems of an organization).



    Oh okay…..Thanks for the information……….And how about the material for the exam? Should I purchase a book that contains much more in depth info than the videos of cybrary?
    Should I attend classes to write that exam? or will the videos classes of cybrary be enough?
    Should I also attend for practicals?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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