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    Hey everyone! I am going to be a college freshman this fall and am planning to dual major in Computer Science and Business Management. I wish to get a job in cyber security once I get out of college. This is my second summer working as summer help with an IT group. I am currently learning A+ on cybrary and am looking forward to take the exam and receive a certification by the end of the summer. Any tips for achieving my plan of getting a job in cyber security? Thanks!



    While keeping up with the technical knowledge route you’re looking at, I would suggest starting to network with folks who are currently in the cyber security field. Attending things like OWASP or Defcon meetups in your area, joining the local chapter of the ISSA and attending their meetings/functions (ISSA has a student membership option, and depending on where you are there might be a “freemimum” membership…ISSA is currently testing that membership level with a few chapters to see if it’s viable to roll out on a bigger scale), joining the local ISC(2) chapter, etc. Find what works for you and your schedule/interests. Even talking with the folks in the IT group you work with about the field can be beneficial (let the manager know your goals and see if they’ll work with you). I’m finding that personal networking is giving me a lot of good ideas and avenues to go down while I’m trying to transition into information security. It also gets me known to folks who may not be able to directly help me, but know people who can…I’ve gotten my resume into several places through that method. It has also opened up the number of folks who are helping me look for a job either directly or indirectly.

    Talk with folks in the industry who are performing the job functions that you’re interested in getting into eventually. Find someone who is willing to work with you and mentor you through the process (see networking with folks above). Once you’re in a position to start putting together a resume, have some of the folks mentioned above review it for you.

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    You’re already on a very good path for success by choosing Computer Science as your major. A BS in CS will take you far in any IT position, but more importantly, it will give you a lot of starting experience with programming and application development. As you get closer towards Cyber Security, the biggest thing you can do for yourself is to earn a handful of certifications that fit your path. If you wish to be a Penetration Tester like myself, then you might consider going for CEH, CPT, OSCP, and finally OSCE or GPEN. There are a lot of certs out there for penetration testers, check out this list if you like:

    Alternatively, you may look into developing secure software and even anti-malware programs. In this case, the CSSLP certification may assist you in getting a foot in the door at an interview.

    Auditors and Security Consultants are always looking for the (ISC)2 certifications such as the CSSLP I mentioned before, CISSP, CISA, CISO, and so on. You can check those certifications on their website at ISC

    Forensic Analysts and Incident Responders also want things like CHFI. Check out this article for an impresive list of Forensic Analysts’ certs:,2-650.html

    By far, ISC2 is the best source for certifications, and hold an impressive series of certifications that are most widely recognized and most challenging for your skills. By consequence, having these certifications are an impressive and helpful thing to have on your resume, as obtaining them speaks for itself in terms of your competency.



    I suggest that you start with studying certain certifications, such of these certs are IT in general as it is a great primer for starting Cyber Security.

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