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    like shown in movies is it really possible to trace a call
    i mean is there any software by which we can do so… ? & what type of permission do we need ?

    i recently saw a friend who was booking a cab(taxi)
    he didnt have that company application on his phone, he just called on company number told them he need a cab & he also didnt gaved his location
    & the taxi driver arrived in 5 min
    i am not sure how it is possible

    i never used any cab application so m not aware of how it works ..
    is it possible that company grabed his location when he called & sent coordinates to cab driver
    is it possible for someone(not police) to trace a call?



    it is possible to get location from a call, that’s how the police know where to respond to an emergency, but don’t believe taxi companies have access to that, unsure about that though, would have to look more into that



    If anyone is still watching this thread, here is an article that talks, in plain language, what the systems that emergency services use to locate a caller.



    Yes. It is now possible to trace a call from anywhere. I tried on a website and took a plan for tracing for my family too. It tracks the phone real time. You should have a look at this, Visit

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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