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    Hopefully you are all enjoying our new Beta Homepage!

    You can start using the new homepage HERE, or access it from your current homepage by clicking on the blue bar at the top. We suggest you give the new homepage layout some time to get adjusted to. If needed, you may click on the blue bar at the top of the new layout to go back to the old one, and it will also allow you to send us feedback.

    The new homepage is full of new functions and features which allows you to interact with the site and it’s users on a new level. But there’s always room for improvements and it’s still a work in progress. We are looking for feedback on the new layout and functionality, as well as bugs and errors you come across so we can fix it and make your user experience even better 🙂

    Most importantly, while we like getting good feedback, criticism is more important, so please express and let us know what you DON’T like and think can be made better. That way we can improve it with time to fit your needs because all we want here at Cybrary is for our members to be happy and able to utilize the homepage to its fullest! 🙂

    Known Bugs and Errors:




    I prefer the new homepage!! Keep up the good work. Is there an update coming to the app soon as well?



    Yes, it’s close to being done 🙂



    Hi @Kiara,

    I’m not an easy person to please, epecially with WordPress core’s! Don’t get me wrong it looks okay at the top, until you start scrolling, and scrolling, etc. There is nothing to fill the gaps either side of the center content.
    To me it looks like a CMS or standard blog style, the colors are fine – the center column though requires work on it. I did prefer ther older version, so I did not have to scroll so far down the page.

    Kiara, with me it could be my age! I’ve passed the half a century point a few years ago now – so what I like and do, is also up to criticism. I’m not a person that doesn’t like change, as long as it ensures the browser can be resized width ways, and the content flows with it.

    Perhaps, Kiara you can answer a question I have been meaning to ask, and keep forgetting (old age! lol).
    On the front page I can see my Cybytes mounting up, but what is the icon ‘flame’ mean? I know mine says 21, or something like that, which I think is down to a resultant number of days I visit. Does this mean anything to the user, apart from counting consecutus days?

    There is one annoying thing which was after I checked the new look out by pressing the blue bar, it now fails to go back. Is it cookie related or a database saved to my account?



    Apáti László

    “School” data under “My Experience” does not appear on the page. Is this a bug or a security feature?



    Sorry I loved the old format. The new page does not load very well on my ios drvice.

    Another bug is that the top of the mew page has a link inviting me to go back to the old style but the link errors out and does not work.



    Looks good.
    Well done.



    Saw something that said [not-logged-in-show] “blah blah” and [if-logged-in-show] blah blah.

    Would love to post a screenshot, but communication here doesn’t support images…


    So Far. Good


    A R4K3SH

    The new homepage could be more interactive if chatting feature is included


    Apáti László

    Any thread to report issues? Probably this is not the one. Thx!



    I love the new home page its better to use



    Ooop sorry I prefer the old one! This one is very “busy”.



    I like the layout of Beta page. It’s setup like a lot like our familiar social media pages. I understand that it’s in the Beta stages, so I can wait to see what other features are being tested.

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    Tapan Jatakia

    The old homepage is so far well and good. The new homepage looks like Facebook style implemented here. Its not that interactive. After sometime both the sides of the page remain empty with no interactive features. I would prefer the old homepage with some graphics and colors upgradation on it.
    Thank you.



    Got it all noted 🙂



    Hey, where’s the option to view who is following you? Reason I ask is that it is nice to know if your community and friends are active or not. I would like to have that feature back if it was taken down. Thank you.



    The New Home page is more friendly to me and the things are not so confusing as the old,


    Apáti László

    Personal info display problem is solved, the new layout Works perfectly.



    Hi Kiara,

    I like the new home page as it’s more android friendly on my tablet and looks great on my computer.
    Thanks for your efforts.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 88 total)

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