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    I am an embedded software engineer learning about cyber security in order to get security within the IoT (Internet of Things) domain.

    I have had a couple of interviews (with automotive companies – I work for one now). I did not get either of those but I am at least getting looked at.

    I allowed myself to be submitted at a lower income (going from permanent to contract) in order to get my first IoT security position. I don’t know if they will even interview me. My point is that you may need to take a risk in order to get that first security position knowing that you will advance in the future.



    I tried that and still they look at me like I was crazy.



    It depends how much of a cut and/or risk you are ready to accept.

    Too much and they may think you are crazy. A little may make sense to them.



    The number one thing in life – Fake it ’til you Make it :p You need to know what you’re worth, but in a field like IT that is very structured in job title and roles, you need to get your foot in the door for whatever specific sector you want to break into.

    I can’t give any specifics as I work in the forex market, but I have a lot of friends in very high band IT jobs and a lot of them have had to do specific jobs/roles that would benefit them to apply for another job that requires skills in that sector or would just get an edge on other applicants.



    The challenge is that within some domains (say my case of embedded systems) security is a recent concern (as devices became connected) and there are no classes, no certificates and even though the need is great entering the field is not easy.



    Get ready!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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