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    mehandi islam

    Hello everyone here,thanx to cybrary team.i would like to get information about how to configure my virtualbox vmware player so that i can i get my wireless interface detected while attacking a wifi network.i don’t get wlan0 interface while using the “airmon-ng wlan0”



    Are you using Virtualbox or VMware Player? Is your wireless card an internal card or a USB external one?


    mehandi islam

    I am using VirtualBox and my wireless card is internal card

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    OK, then you could set a bridge between your wireless internal physical card and the virtual ethernet card. You can test the configuration browsing the internet within the virtual machine.

    Anyway pay attention to the fact that usually internal wireless card are not the optimum for wireless penetration testing, due to the lack of some needed functionality such as the capability to inject packets, to work in monitor mode etc.

    If you want to improve your skills in this field it would be definetely better to purchase an USB external card such as an ALFA card.


    mehandi islam

    one more question.i have a .cap file but dont have enough huge dictionary than how should i crack it.



    You could search for other dictionaries, or you could try using a program such “crunch” to create a file with all the passwords containing az-AZ-09-symbols-etc and deciding the max length of the password. This can be a really time consuming job and even precomputing password hashes you will need thousands of years to crack a long enough robust password.



    This is a great resource for dictionaries.

    I have a very high success rate with rockyou.txt


    mehandi islam

    i have tried darkcode.lst ans rockyou.txt but it didn’t work for me.



    THIS is the problem with dictionary attacks. If the password used is not in your dictionary you will never succeed…


    zack hero

    nice information..



    Go brute force, 99% success with 99 years waiting time unless you work with NSA or CIA or FBI xD, just kidding.

    Brute force takes time but has high rate of success.
    Or Forensics Mode is the best. You can recover it and also decode the code if you have high level of Knowledge in that.

    Else , get a server and use that server just to crack that file while you live your normal life.

    — xMidnightSnowx


    mehandi islam

    i don’t think than, it is possible to crack wpa-2.i may provide you my .cap file,help me to recover the password.



    Yes, it is possible. But you have to use GPU to crack down the password as quickly as possible. otherwise there is a service online here
    Hope you find it useful.



    Brute force is practically unfeasible on long, complex passwords. If you choose known passphrases, a dictionary or maybe a hybrid attack is your only hope. If you use a long (22 characters or more) complex, random password using a-z,A-Z,0-9,symbols etc the work factor is so high that you have more chances to win the lottery than to brute force it.

    @mehandi: if your .cap (or .pcap) file contains the 4 way handshake (actually it is not needed to have all the 4 phases…) AND your password is in my dictionary I will recover the password. Obviously I think you used a random long pass, so…

    Finally some time ago I read that there should be someone who should has been able to crack the WPA2 algorithm but the method is not publicly known at the moment.



    Openwall [ is a good place to look for list as well.


    mehandi islam

    Thanx S.B.


    mehandi islam

    Sorry Friends for replying too late.actually i was busy in my semester exam.



    Dude if the password is long or too complex brute force can take ages.




Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)

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