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    When I watch the videos I sort of try things on my own, and this is what I came up with intuitively. It seems much more simple than the sol’n from the video. Could someone tell me if this is worse in any way?

    def remove_letter(): #Remove a selected letter from a string
            print("Remove Letter")
            baseString = str(raw_input("Enter String"))
            rem = str(raw_input("Enter Letter to Remove"))
            newString = ""
            remLetter = rem[0]
            for let in baseString:
                    if let==remLetter:
                            newString = newString+let
            print newString

    Maybe I’m missing something in terms of secure coding?



    What if ‘rem’ is None (empty)?



    I like this overall solution much better. I too was yelling at my screen when the instructor started
    hacking up the code to make it work when this would do it much more simply.

    BTW : The empty ‘rem’ item is still an issue in the original code too. No error/bounds checking but its just for learning.



    I like your solution because is simple and give the correct output. The solution from video if we enter string aasdf and enter letter a, the output will be asdf instead of sdf.



    I think the exercises are good but the suggested solutions could be more polished… like yours.



    Or, you can try:
    def remove_letter(): #Remove a selected letter from a string
    remove = str(raw_input(“Enter letter to remove: “))
    remove = remove[0]
    global saved_string
    edited_str = saved_string.replace(remove,””)
    print “Edited string is: %s” %edited_str
    return edited_str

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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