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    I have just started course and am in part where we start our activities. It has been said that we are able to download a file of scripts. But where is it ? Please help. Thank you 😉 .



    Below the video, on the right-hand side there is a Course Materials icon. If you click it, you will see Recommended Course Material, and there is a .zip to download course material.

    Hope this helps!



    on my chrome browser it is camouflaged in the left below the instruction panel.



    I actually had the same issue. i think it is because in the video it says the documents are on the side. don’t know how many people have this issue but may be useful if the video was edited or the document download is more accessible, but either way i love this course compared to most. but for those who cant find it, under the video click on resources.
    and where is says download course material zip, that is actually a clickable link. that is where you will find your activities.

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    Activities for the Apprentice Python section nowhere to be found on Firefox or Edge either.. not seeing any resources link.. ** OK, now I found it.. had to click the ≡, then ‘Back to Python for Security Professionals’ and then the downloads show up..
    Python Sec Pros page with downloads

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