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    where are Cybrary’s Certificates of Completion accepted?/What are they worth?



    I don’t really know about it, but I think having the knowledge is more important than the certificates.



    I don’t think Cybrary is ‘accredited’ per se, but I do feel the knowledge provided will give you the ability to pass the certifications that are ‘accredited’.

    Personally, I hope that within five years time, Cybrary will have grown enough to be accepted as an institution in the future. In fact, as we participants learn and grow we too can help Cybrary in the future with our own study aids and exam preparation programs/quizzes.



    1. I think Cybrary should have a page where our employees could check our certificate using the certificate number. I hope that feature would be implemented before everything else.

    2. Also an application for conducting online exam for students to have a merit based certificate, once the students bought the exam voucher much like the CEH or CCNA exams. Same like EC-Council or CompTIA. I would love to see Cybrary doing that.

    3. Cybrary is now a large community, they should really look out for accreditation. All of the above will add much more weight to our certificates. Love #Cybrary



    As someone who doesnt have any Cert, but works in the I.T field. I actually brought Cybrary completion of training cert’s to court, and I’ve showed some employers when looking for contracts. They have always responded positively to them.,My friends that also work in the I.T field have never had any of their cert’s checked by HR/Employers, I.T employers mostly just care about if you know how to do the job, having a reference helps a lot(how i got 90% of my jobs/contracts).

    “Education is Power”



    I also hope that Cybrary starts making their own Cert’s that will one day beat Comptia cert’s as the most globally recognized I.T Cert’s. ?


    Zeynalov Eldar

    cybrary gives certificates without exams. it will not recognized globally



    Just because its that way currently doesn’t mean it will keep being that way in the future. I agree that I think Cybrary should make their own certs. I don’t think CompTIA’s exam content is particularly good (at least for A+ which is what I am studying for now). Seriously, memorizing irrelevant facts is a waste of time in the long run and I prefer to know the essentials for building and fixing a computer than memorizing RAM speeds and Windows requirements which will change frequently throughout my life.

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    Right, they should give the certificate after taking an exam.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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