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    The best Azure certification for you depends on your technology experience, your current job role, and your objective.
    Accelerate your career path with Microsoft Azure Certifications
    There are three primary Azure exams. But which one is the best for you? This is when the confusion typically sets in. Prospective Azure pros will usually begin by checking out the list of qualifying exams:
    Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
    Exam 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
    Exam 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
    Each test does has its own particular focus and depth & objective. Understand them to decide which test would be best for your career path.
    Exam 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
    Most programmer-centric. The Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions exam emphasizes the .net SDK, specifically how to use .net to incorporate Azure’s feature set into your projects. But despite the emphasis on code, the exam also wants certified developers to know how to implement and configure the services they will be using. The result is an inherent overlap with the other Azure exams, with the advantage that you don’t necessarily need to take all three exams if you’re a budding Azure dev.
    As a result, you can expect to see in-depth questions relating to Azure Resource Manager and Virtual Machines, including monitoring and scaling of VMs. Of further interest to developers (and DB-Admins) is the focus on databases and storage strategy; the exam expects a high level of proficiency with configuring and optimizing Azure SQL as well as Microsoft’s non-relational Cosmos DB.
    Exam 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
    The next exam, “Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions” forgoes the .net technicals, instead focusing on skills needed for IT pros. The requirements for 70-533 may seem like a simpler subset of those in 70-532, but closer inspection reveals that this exam places heavier emphasis on the use of PowerShell and the Azure CLI for setup and configuration. For this reason, Azure-devs might be interested in training for this exam as an extension to the skills gained from 70-532.

    Continuing with the IT pro theme, infrastructure planning and security topics are covered in depth. If your previous Azure experience has been limited to provisioning a few virtual machines, you’ll need to study hard for this section! It’s expected that you’ll know how to utilize the App Service Environment to secure and scale apps, with specific emphasis on the configuration of secure virtual and hybrid networks.
    You may notice the word “secure” mentioned frequently in the objectives for 70-533 certification. Applicants should take note: This IS the Azure test you are looking for! In addition to the aforementioned security concepts, expect to be tested heavily on Key Vault, SSL, and compliance issues. And whether your organization uses them or not, you’ll want to get up to speed on how to properly implement public identity authentication.
    Exam 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
    The 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions certification exam is targeted towards Solutions Architects or Software Architects. This is an architecture exam, and as such does focus a bit higher level than the Developing Azure Solutions (70-532) and Implementing Azure Solutions (70-533) exams. This is fitting, since when working as an Architect, you need to have a better understanding of how the various technologies within Microsoft Azure work; including how they can be configured to work with one another. As a result this exam does not cover as much of the lower level, development or implementation details as the other two exams. It also has a greater emphasis at analyzing solution requirements and enterprise scenarios with architecture case studies to test your ability to design an appropriate solution using Azure services.
    The emphasis here is on identifying appropriate solutions to an organization’s needs. It’s expected you will understand Azure’s various data storage and access mechanisms, when to apply those systems, and how to manage security risks and authentication.

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