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    So I have been in this field for 2 years now. next year ill be completing my bachelor’s degree in IT. I already have one certification (CEH) and as soon as my college is over, ill start working towards completing more certifications. The problem is, Im from a place, where i found rarely any institutions that prepare you for Cyber Security. There is no professor, Fellow student near my area in this field. Hence I have no guidance/mentor. All i have is internet and I study as much as I can from there. Is there anyone who might be willing to mentor me, I’d really appreciate it. And by mentor I dont mean completely help me as to what to do, what not to do or something like that. All I need is someone to just point me in the right direction at times when Im stuck. and I will do the rest! If yes, I will contact you through email or whatever way is feeesible (No Social Media as Im on none!). Please help a fellow student out guys!



    Having done CEH, are you interested in doing Pen Testing?
    There are many directions to go in Security, you can specialize and certification in more advanced Pen Testing, go to Defcon/Blackhat, and take courses through Offensive Security’s programs (there are also plenty of “shooting ranges” for hacking if you want to test your skills against live systems).
    Alternatively, you can focus on Security in Systems (Security+ -> CASP -> CISSP).
    Or you can focus on developing secure software (what certs would be required I wouldn’t know). A lot of information for the Secure Software Development approach can be found at OWASP and it also shares a lot in common with CEH/Pen Testing.
    Feel free to ping me about anything.






    @dragon basically I have always been interested in going towards federal side. Also I have recently completed an internship and completed a project in penetration testing. So yeah, im interested in that too. Thanks for the tips, I will remember all this. ill ping you now! thanks

    @shoaib hi.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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