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    Hey Guys & Gals(I hope there are!)!

    I’ve started working on this certification, any others out there? I’d love to compare notes, find out what others are struggling on, and helping if I can. I hope others fee the same too!

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    I am going through the MCSA curriculum as well, not sure if I plan to take the 410, 411, & 412 separately or the composite 417 upgrade yet. I went through the 2008 track, but powershell seems to be pretty heavy down this road. I am half way through the MSPress 410 exam ref book, but this appears to be intentionally brief and lacking in labs, examples, etc…

    Also those on linkedin, I created an open group: linkedin.com/groups/MCSA-Windows-Server-2012-8238635


    Always Hungry

    I have started going through the material. I am hoping this is as good as they are claiming it is; if so the sky is the limit!



    I am studying for the 70-410 exam and find that Cybrary’s content is much more effective than TrainSignal. But we will see how it boils down when it is time to take the test. I plan to purchase the practice lab tonight so I can put these skills to use. Feel free to message me or anything, since we are studying this together!




    HI Guys do you any brain dumps test exam for 410 and 411? Many Thanks!



    I haven’t seen or used a brain dump since exam collection became a paid service. They’re typically junk anyway. IMO people tend to misuse them as a study tool and, more often than not, just memorize answers instead of learning the material.



    Binary, how did you go, I’m in the process of starting the with the 410. Do you have any advice, I also have the same book as well.



    I actually took the 410 late February and bombed it horribly. Now I will admit it was my fault for the most part, lack of studying. I went through New Horizon here in Jacksonville, Florida and did their course for the 410, 411 and 412. I then sat in the 410 again about a month prior to taking the test and did not do any studying outside of that. I made a 386 when 700 is passing. So I purchased a groupon for learnsmartsystems 2 year access to MSCA but their 410-412 data is two years old so no R2 stuff, and very brief powershell. I am taking the test again April 29th, so I will begin watching the videos here and give my feedback after taking the test. I will say be very familiar with the basic’s of power shell and how a command is laid out.



    Check out Technet material and Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)



    They’ve really made the test much harder, and it pays to have a working knowledge of the subjects contained. The exams are geared to where you can’t just look at the answers and remove the most obvious. A lot of questions will have answers that will be correct, but not for the question asked. There are no video courses, instructor-based courses, or books that will prepare you for the exam. Study study study, use VMs and read technet. Ask questions. MAYBE you will pass. :/


    I’ve taken the 70-410 exam recently and did not pass it. While I knew there was going to be questions dealing with powershell cmdlets, I did not expect the amount I was presented with. My advice for anyone planning on taking the 70-410 exam is to setup a virtual environment and hit it hard. Be as proficient with a Core setup as you are with a Full GUI setup. Practice, practice, and practice some more! I almost exclusively used cbtnuggets for training, aside from setting up a virtual environment at home. Check out the technet evaluation center for evaluation versions of Windows Server 2012 r2. **Note: You MUST use a physical machine when using Hyper-V**



    Samuel Smith

    67F: Why is using a physical machine necessary when using Hyper-V? I had thoughts of using my ESXi 5.5 to host Hyper-V to practice. What are the downsides?



    Hacking around to make it work, up to you



    Hyper-V is a type 1 hyper-visor which means it is meant to run at the hardware level and provide slices of resources to the virtual machines. You can find ways to run it nested in VMware which might work for testing but I would suspect that performance would take a hit, not to mention it is not a supported production environment.

    Braindumps will not teach you any knowledge but only to memorize answers. This type of thing is what has made Microsoft tests less valuable then they once were. Using the free evaluation software, virtualization, Microsoft Virtual Academy, forums like this and good books such as Mastering Windows Server 2012 will provide you what you need. Repetitive tasks and effort will teach you what you are doing and you will understand and know which means much more and will get you further in life than memorizing answers. Again if you use braindumps you devalue yourself and everybody who has the certification.

    Microsoft is trying to minimize the footprint of Server this servers in many ways, mainly to reduce the attack vector of viruses and hackers, and to minimize resource utilization. Learning powershell is critical for the future Windows Server admin. In order to pass any of the current Microsoft server tests you will need to understand the powershell commands and their main flags for any domain area on the test. Practicing the commands will help immensely.

    Good luck to all



    I took the 70-410 2 weeks ago, used the Microsoft press book as well as brain dumps from exam collection, scored 605.I would say 70% of the questions were in the dump. Taking second shot end of July. I would say lake of study will give you a negative score. All the best folks.



    hello, Microsoft has updates it Question database, new Questions on Windows Azure, RODC, lot of powershell Cmdlet. does anyone have a book to recommend except the one published by Microsoft(which does not have value for exam study).
    I have used it but find really lot of question cannot even place them on which chapter in the book published by MS.


    Always Hungry

    Hey Learner123, how did the retest fair and did the information in the course help?

    Secondly, I am new to the MCSA, is there a timeframe that you have to take all 3 test in to get the MSCA? done?



    Focus on Troubleshooting


    Franck KAMGAING


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