Ethical Hacking Live Online Training

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Ethical Hacking Live Online Training

2018 | English

A series dedicated to enterprises and professionals around to world to prepare for the Ethical Hacker certification through live online training, delivered by top instructors.

Starring: Ken Underhill
Ethical Hacking Live Online Training
Who is This Course For?

Penetration Tester, Cyber Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, and Security Auditor.

Why Should You Get Certified in this Course?

The CEH is often a requirement on job postings for Penetration Testers and Cyber Security Analysts. You will learn the methodology of an attacker through phases like footprinting (gaining information about a target), scanning and enumeration (take a deeper look at the target systems and mapping out their network, and locating vulnerabilities), system hacking (gaining and maintaining access to the target systems), and clearing your tracks (removing or corrupting log files, so no one knows you were even there). You may also experience an increase in salary and more job opportunities as Penetration Testers and Cyber Security Analysts are in-demand.

Starts November 7

Sessions are MW @ 12:00PM ET

Upcoming Live Online Episodes (18 Part Series)

Session 1| Introduction & Basics| November 7

Session 2| Footprinting| November 14

Session 3| Scanning & Enumeration| November 19

Session 4| Learn How To Hack Into a System| November 21

Session 5| Malware| November 26

Session 6| Sniffing the “Ethical” kind of Packets| November 28

Session 7| Social Engineering = Life Hacks| December 3

Session 8| Learn how to DDos| December 5

Session 9| Session Hijacking| December 10

Session 10| Web Servers & Web Applications| December 12

Session 11| SQL Injection| December 17

Session 12| Learn how to Hack Wifi| December 19

Session 13| Hacking Mobile Devices| January 7

Session 14| IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots| January 9

Session 15| IoT| January 14

Session 16| Cloud| January 16

Session 17| Cryptography| January 23

Session 18| Reporting| January 28

Q&A Sessions on the last Friday of every month at 12:00PM ET

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