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The Evimetry Filesystem Bridge:  Making Your AFF4 Forensic Images Available


In this free course we will cover the Evimetry Filesystem Bridge and do a quick review of the forensic tools that are now supporting AFF4 forensic images.

19 minutes
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Course Description

If you’ve been following our series of courses on using Evimetry to perform high-speed, forensic acquisitions, you must have asked yourself “How do I use an AFF4 forensic image in my favorite forensic tool?”  The answer is the Evimetry Filesystem Bridge, which we use in this course to access a previously collected Evimetry AFF4 image in a forensic tool that doesn’t natively support the AFF4 forensic format. 


  • Before any forensic acquisition you must document the evidence
  • See my Cybrary course: “Evidence Handling: Do it the Right Way”
  • See my Cybrary series of courses on forensic acquisition using Evimetry
  • Get a full featured, evaluation copy of Evimetry (Link found in Syllabus)
  • Internet connected computer
  • An “evidence” computer or drive
  • An AFF4 forensic image previously acquired using one of the Evimetry Methods
  • A storage drive (USB3 External)

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the Evimetry Filesystem Bridge
  • Use the Evimetry Bridge to Access a Previously Acquired AFF4 Forensic Image
  • Review Those Programs with Built-in AFF4 Support
Instructed By
Brian Dykstra
Brian Dykstra
CEO and President of Atlantic Data Forensics
Atlantic Data Forensics

Industry leader in digital evidence collection and forensics.

Certificate of Completion
Certificate Of Completion

Complete this entire course to earn a The Evimetry Filesystem Bridge:  Making Your AFF4 Forensic Images Available Certificate of Completion